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koie raid nights s06e04 - kids and cigarrettes #gw2 #piken #wvw #1440p
By koie, 02/09/19

GW Nightfall - Eye of the North - GW2 codes giveaway - End of Feb 2019!

Archdeco from PixelRadio VGM community gave me these codes (from Humble Bundle last christmass, hope they don't expire). To participate subscribe to my channel and reply to video (in youtube), a simple +1 is enough. I'm trying to get 100 subs for a custom URL, no big deal. End of February I'll send them.


Sabaton - Ghost Division Sabaton - Swedish Pagans // LPR - Vamos entrando // Kortatu - Don Vito y la revuelta en el feropático // Violadores del Verso - Filosofía y letras

Footage from Febrary 08th 2019 Closed interguild raid with commander Azizi from - CMON - MM and some other guild tags. Nice fights with Gandara at dessert bl. Big hug to our friend Suranis, going through harsh times... much love mate o/

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