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  • Fun with IM open raid By ☹ Fluffyxzephyr

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    just a clip from something leandra wanted which is amused a few people on TS. ignore my  as a response from the prior night, but thanks IM and everyone else for wiping them countless times. xD
  • Piken Infantry VS. Kiss Guild By ☹ Drizzy

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    Cut the first 4 mins, where we decimated the kissers 1 by 1.
  • FREE GIVEAWAYS By 👀 omegazone

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    Published on 25 Apr 2017
    To celebrate the Guild Wars 2, penultimate Season 3 episode – Flashpoint, which releases on the 2nd of May, I am giving you a chance to wins 400 in game gems, as well as some real world loot - Guild Wars 2 T-shirts and this beautiful journal. 

    For your chance to win one of these lovely prizes, all you have to do is, like this video, and leave a comment below. You have until the 25th May to enter and the winners will be announced on 28th May.

    Be sure to state what size tshirt you want - Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large in your comment – no size, no tshirt so don’t forget!! If you’re lucky enough to be a winner I will need to arrange delivery with you but please please do not put any personal information in the comments! I will reply to your winning comment here, and ask you to message me directly, so I can get your prize delivered asap. Fear not!

    If you would like to support my content creations, please consider using these referral links and I have also created a Patreon account.
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