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Piken Square WVW performance

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Hello all,

I'm a long time Pikeneer and i've been through several guild mass exoduses (exodusi?) away from the server and onto others (i'm still bitter about Gandara getting stacked back in the day).

I've been away for about a year and decided to come back, only to be shocked at how far we've dropped in WvW ranking and activity, we used to match with T2 and T1, now we've been in T4 consistently for the past several months, not to mention the lack of public tags, and closed tags that have shrunk in size considerably, TS is now nearly empty on primetime and i'm just lost.


What happened?, i know we weren't the creme of the crop but we weren't pushovers either, what happened to the guilds?, where're the 30+ man tags?, where did all the guilds go and why?

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Hey @Rapid_SausageΒ , x

Well as far as Guilds go they are all doing there very best imo!

For my Guild - i can only say - We (blub guild) Run daily and are happy to allow anyone to join us, we try our very best and support our Piken server as much as we can! We also havoc and open tag! We try to help new players to the game with support and advice on defence and offence, siege placements tactics etc! and recommend ts, Discord and forum information to all!

I can not comment on other guilds but i am sure they may wish to add there thoughts to this too!

The game is 8 years old and over this time lots of things have changed !

Reset and Sunday coffee raids are always way more busy with people , Rl, Covid-19, work etc all factor into this too!

Mornings and early Evenings Piken does what it can and there are a lot of dedicated players whom do there best!


But all we can do is Stomp For Piken !




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