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Piken transfer 1000 gems, Warclaw skin 1200 gems, Joining EXE... Priceless

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Executed are active and recruiting againย 
We are a drama free international WvW focused guild that aim to win more fights than we lose each raid

If you got a real life we are the WvW guild for you.
People are fleeing the server thinking we are dead, prove the doubters and quitters wrong. Join EXE and fight on Piken

Our core values: 1. Care for the pack 2. Do whatever it takes 3. give and take constructive feedback 4. Have fun, it's a game not a job ย 5. If you have an idea take ownership

What we are looking for?
Players who have fun in WvW
Commanders of all types (Fight, PPT, defence etc)
Active players Looking for a fresh start who wonโ€™t give up during hard raidsย 
Active players from currently inactive guilds or guilds who have moved server without you
Active second account players looking for raids on Pikenย 

Why us?
We have commanders
Planned and spontaneous WvW raids
We have players who live to win and work together
No forced guild raid times
No forced guild representingย 
No guild tax

A minimum of one Meta alt class for tough raids
Join TS / discord when joining our raids

Want to sign up contact?ย 
Red: MR REDMIST.3642
Kojaka: Henris.2631
Ara: Araewan Belania.3067
Octo: OctopusX.7185
Typhoon: TheTyfoon.3728
Or send a message to SOFAKING RED on discord


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