Varangian Guard [VG] is back and looking for you!

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Greetings Piken Square,

Varangian Guard is returning to active status in GW2.

We are a WvW centric guild founded in 2013 by dedicated Piken Square veterans from Good Game [GG] 2012-13.

We are currently comprised by newer members around a core of the original founders and officers who seek to retain the ethos and legacy of GG.

Therefore, our goal is to build a friendly guild community in which anyone may feel welcome, regardless of their style of play and aptitude. You can expect an open minded guild with friendly members willing to help one another out.

We will be present in WvW either commanding, scouting or otherwise seeking to aid the server and Piken Square community.

If you wish to join us or get in touch, you may do so by either sending a PM or mail to an officer or leader.

The guild leadership consists of Vayle (Vayle.7964), Perrseus (XxdarkyxX.8319) and The Scrivener (A SLS VI.7912), and our officers are Matt (Koots.9608).


the Varangian Guard Triumvirate.

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13 minutes ago, ducadiebonhawke said:

Welcome back, I see your guild in the old listedΒΒ , if you want I can put again in the active listed Guilds and you can update the text.

Just let me know

I would appreciate that, is it also possible to return GM status to me and Perrseus? I would highly appreciate it, thnx :)


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    • 🎁 uglynakedguy

      Was planning on getting back in game, but my builds are obsolete...
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    • 🎁 Drifty  »  πŸ¦„ Rose

      Hi Rose,
      I have sorted 2 images, I like the battle pose (image 2), but if it's possible can you adjust my ears so they are down (image 1)
      Image 1Β
      Image 2
      Look forward to having an avatar for the forums and ts!!
      I'm really excited to see what you come up with, which by looking at your artwork will be impressive
      Thanking you in advance
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    • 🎁 Raedwulf  »  πŸ‘€ ducadiebonhawke

      What am I, a chair to be re-upholstered?! :o I thank you for your kind words, but no, I can't be "recovered". I've never been a part of forum Piken & what I've seen of it this last week or two is... poisonous. And wouldn't I look a complete twit if I came back in whatever capacity. Nah. The forum has always done, well, whatever it's done without me, and the meeting... Can be whatever it wants to be & good luck to any who care to board that ship-that-might-well-sink! But thank you for thinking kindly of me. I can't remember who said it, but someone said words to the effect of "Dukey stepping down was an excuse to..." I don't know if you're a football fan, but I think I know how Moyes felt following Fergie at Man Utd!
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    • 🎁 Raedwulf  »  🎁 Chris

      My apologies. You're obviously not the same Chris (Kiwi = NZer). He infected meeting after meeting, week after week, demanding (in his whiny Kiwi blocked nostril voice) that guilds should be given special privileges (for GvG fights). Particularly at reset, but also seemingly wanting it every day of the week. Without ever offering a damn thing to Piken. Oddly enough, he disappeared after I (politely!) challenged him in one meeting, but I think that was because he belonged to the link server & we changed link a week or two afterward. I claim no credit!

      But where I do claim a little credit... I did say "If..." Wherever your first answer to me was, it was an unfortunate coincidence of name & your tone was sufficiently like... that it put me in mind of... I'm apologising now & since this is private, I'm not doing so for public "glory / ego" or whatever. And the reluctant thingΒ  that was one bit you rather sneered at? Turned out I meant it, eh? Β 
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