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Blobocity - claiming guild

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Looking for a claiming guild?Β 

Join Blobocity. Only there to give people more claiming guilds (currently camps and towers only). Currently 20 members. Slowly building up.

I receivedΒ some questions from people who wanted to join. No need to apply, just let me know if you want to claim stuff. Officers from leading PS guilds can get officer rank upon request.

- Only active in WvW (at the moment).

- Everyone is welcome. We accept strays, as long as you behave.

- Representing is not required.Β 

- Most members have a main wvw guild. We have members from FTW, Odin, Arma, ... Join PS if you can!

- Saturday morning you'll find a lot of us online, we do guild missions then.

- As a member, refrain from using foul language and all kinds of griefing. Rule of thumb is good sportsmanship. The guild is not a democracy, nor a community, just an extra claiming guild with a little extra. As such misbehaviour has 1 punishment: insta guild kick.


Want invite? Pm me here or message me in game.

Complaints about members? Pm me here or in game.Β 

Note: Made this post since some people joined I don't actually know... will edit if necessary.


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