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Ordo Ab [Chao]

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We always look for a new friendly face to join us! We're friendly, chilled and don't mind teaching you the ways of WvW, we have much knowledge to go around.
Ofc WvW veterans are very welcome and would love to see ya join us :)

We raid WvW officially two days: Monday + Thursday at 18.45 UK time - mandatory if in game at raid time. We appear at reset for defense and do some spontaneous havoc groups.
^There isย also weekly PvEย raids, fractals, missions and otherย events
We have different in-house training programs for WvW and PvE.

All classes are welcome

Our focus is on enjoying the game and spreading some good vibes, join us :D

Check out our guild forum for more info about rules, schedules, etc.


Kaylee -Shizuma.8179 (Leader)

Poot - drhpooner.9024 (leader)

Krall - lordkrall.7241 (Recruitment officer)

Our guild listing on piken guild section

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