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Full Server and No Linked one - Guilds Broken - Are you looking for a solution ?

Duca di Ebonhawke


Dear Anet , I made a post some days ago about a proposal of " golden share " . In this post I have put at your attention the fact that due to not linked server many guilds are "broken" having the majorities of their members in the full server not linked but also other that have been in the linked and now cannot join.
Considering that move all the guild out from the full , it's just a theoretical solution but not possible to do for those reason : 1) People enjoy the community where they are and do not want to move , 2) It's not easy to convince over 50+ players to spend gems for going in a server that in few months could have the same issue 3) People played for years in the same server and don't want to lose contact with other long time server players and if summarize all the points mentioned it is clear that there is no way to move and frankly it is really unfair.
I have seen many discussion in those days in this forum and also reddit about with many players having the same issue . I am kindly asking and would like to see an answer , ( not just closed the topic like it has been done with " golden share " ), if you are looking at least for a temporary solution like for example to open for 24h the servers full so that guilds member can join their community.
Thanks for your attention and I hope reply.

Below the link :Β 


Feel free to add your comments and let see



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Posted (edited)

As someone waiting to get on Piken and annoyed at piken not getting linked I added my comment., I have been watching while whiteside and underworld have been opened for transfer. It seems unfair piken has not yet been opened, is unlinked and getting hammered on stats for wvw activity. That said you did a bloody good job of coming second in last weeks matchup to whiteside who have jumped massively from being open.


This weeks matchup is going to be horrible gunnars hold has also made a massive leap from being open recently..


11th -4 Piken Square --- falling 4 places due to not being linked or open for transfers is a screw you from anet.

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