ARMA Recruiting- Scourge - Revenant - Mesmer.

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ARMA seleziona da 6 ad 8 giocatori con conoscenza di utilizzo delle seguenti classi , scourge , revenant,mesmer, guardian che parlano o comprendano l'italiano da inserire nel nostro gruppo.

I Raid sono ogni martedi' e giovedi a partire dalle 21,30. Se interessati contattare o scrivere a Duca di Ebonhawke.1045 

Per il Revenant valutiamo anche un eventuale inserimento di Class Leader.


ARMA is selecting between 6 to 8 players max with knowledge of the following classes, scourge, revenant , mesmer, guardian. It is required understanding of Italian language.

Our Raids are every tuesday and thursday starting from 21.30. If interested please contact or write to Duca di Ebonhawke.1045

About the Revenant we evaluate also the recruiting of a Class Leader.


Duca di Ebonhawke



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    • 🎁 Raedwulf  »  👀 ducadiebonhawke

      What am I, a chair to be re-upholstered?! :o I thank you for your kind words, but no, I can't be "recovered". I've never been a part of forum Piken & what I've seen of it this last week or two is... poisonous. And wouldn't I look a complete twit if I came back in whatever capacity. Nah. The forum has always done, well, whatever it's done without me, and the meeting... Can be whatever it wants to be & good luck to any who care to board that ship-that-might-well-sink! But thank you for thinking kindly of me. I can't remember who said it, but someone said words to the effect of "Dukey stepping down was an excuse to..." I don't know if you're a football fan, but I think I know how Moyes felt following Fergie at Man Utd!
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    • 🎁 Raedwulf  »  🦄 Chris

      My apologies. You're obviously not the same Chris (Kiwi = NZer). He infected meeting after meeting, week after week, demanding (in his whiny Kiwi blocked nostril voice) that guilds should be given special privileges (for GvG fights). Particularly at reset, but also seemingly wanting it every day of the week. Without ever offering a damn thing to Piken. Oddly enough, he disappeared after I (politely!) challenged him in one meeting, but I think that was because he belonged to the link server & we changed link a week or two afterward. I claim no credit!

      But where I do claim a little credit... I did say "If..." Wherever your first answer to me was, it was an unfortunate coincidence of name & your tone was sufficiently like... that it put me in mind of... I'm apologising now & since this is private, I'm not doing so for public "glory / ego" or whatever. And the reluctant thing  that was one bit you rather sneered at? Turned out I meant it, eh?  
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    • 🎁 Bina Artz  »  ☹ Agro Warcaller

      Please do not leave - there are obviously diverse opinions here - but yours is still valid for a good number of silent people
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    • 🎁 Bobbles  »  ☹ Krall

      sorry Krall,
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    • 🎁 Bina Artz  »  🦄 Rose

      Yay - found you! No idea what sort of picture - well ... something where we look sort of threatening and fierce and like Bruvs from criminal class/ inner city - Kray Brothers comes to mind. When I am looking normal I get attacked bu solo players (and die ofc). When I am Bruv, solo players run away from me! Think it is a bit like being a snowball or a ... damn, those cute fat things with short arms. no one attacks them! And Svarty is always trying to keep me alive - he is sooo nice! I will have a chat with him and see if he has any ideas, hugs
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