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Hi All,

WOLF landed on Piken this weekend, we hope to bring another 25+ over in the next couple of weeks (Peeps on Holidays) .

we generally raid Mon & Thursday Evenings as a focused grp, and Mon- Friday Mornings we tag up for fun runs.

We hope to become part of the Piken community and be open to co-operation as much as possible with all concerned.

If theres any hints/tips/advice for our smooth transition, i'm all ears.

All the best

J A Z Z 


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First of all, as I said in the other topic: welcome!

Second of all, the Piken community is very nice (in my opinion). Be sure to join the community events and have some fun. Most saturday nights there will be a drunk raid and sunday mornings have a coffee raid by Melna (starting at 10 AM). Most of the things can be found on the calender.

Also, feel free to open tag on TS, people will join! If you want a TS only squad, it used to be nothing weird that there were "password protected" squads, password was spread on TS. I don't know if that is a thing though nowadays still, I rejoined this week after a half year hiatus.


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Hi Jazz, very nice you join us.

We are very open and collaborative community . You will find many people ready to collaborate and I am sure it will be great to learn each other.

I am part of Arma an Italian Guild and I am also one of the moderator of the forum , just elected few weeks ago.

Regarding ARMA we have guild raids on Tuesday and Thursday evening. We are open to support just wisp in case of need and we like a lot to collaborate. Our main Commanders are Wandalos , one of our Guild Leader and MR Y , I do sometimes also BLU tag and in TS when is needed coverage and we also another commander that you could see also tagging that is Disint.


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Just do what you want, try and be flexible with border picks for raids and it'll all ok. Ignore the drama and stay off the forums.


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