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Canidae [FTW] - looking for new blood

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Canidae [FTW] is howling for new blood!

After our recent guild rebranding, the guild is being restructured to form a more imposing presence on Piken, while still maintaining our hallmark of gaming fun.

We are looking for people to add to our guild who fit the following criteria:

  • ·         Willing to attend 1-2 set raids per week. These will be both Prime time and off-peak (around midday), and can be either closed guild raids or core group of open tag.
  • ·         Willing to run builds that the guild prescribes.
  • ·         Willing to learn and improve your play.
  • ·         Willing to use TS3 for all guild activities.

We are looking for professions that are essential for good raid composition:

  • Guardians
  • Warriors (Berserker)
  • Necros (Reaper)
  • Elementalists (Tempest)
  • Revenants (Herald)
  • ..... and a specialist Chrono/Scrapper or 2

Overall all, we are looking for people who fit the above criteria and also have a good sense of team spirit and loyalty to the group goals.

There is also scope to form specialist roaming parties and opportunity to attend a PVE raid at other times.

Induction into Guild will follow a 2-step process.

Step 1 will be a trial period until criteria met for guild requirements.

Step 2 is full membership based on attitude, commitment and decent performance.

Interested in joining the pack? We look forward to hearing from you.

Please use the Application form found at:

Cheers, Doas & Vesrys


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Hi again, we are still looking for people to join our ranks! Our goal is to form a core, co-ordinated wvw raid group, so we can get out there and be more effective! Don't be shy :) 


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If only I still played, I would be tempted to join :p


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Canidae [FTW] has opened recruiting again.

Specifically looking for people who'd like to become part of a committed WvW guild raid team. Guido will be continuing to lead raids in Prime time.

Professions we are looking for primarily:  Firebrand, Spellbreaker, Scourge

Other professions considered depending on what they bring to group composition.

Please apply at: 

Your application will be reviewed by Guild Leaders (Doas, Vesrys, Guido) within a couple of days at most (usually 24 hours) and we will contact you in-game from there.

Looking forward to growing our pack of hungry...  Wolves, Dogs, Jackals... and I guess a few Hyenas ;)


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FTW is no longer recruiting.


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I hope recruting was succesful :)  I wish all FTW members fun and pleasure at the Battlefield!!


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