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Inner Monkey is looking for new primates. We don't have a standard application process, and rarely spam recruitment messages, we tend to just pick up like minded individuals along the way. It does help if you've run with us a couple of times in TS to know what you're letting yourself in for. ^^

We thought we'd put some dull information stuff here for anyone who likes the cut of our jib but would like more info. The only thing that is compulsory, with no exceptions, is respect for other gamers.

WvW: We play WvW a lot, and we play for fun. We do a bit of everything, three raids a week (Tues/Thurs/Sun), a public raid on reset, spontaneous raids, havoc groups, some like roaming, some scouting, some of us like to join the EB train. We don't run templates or set builds, though often monkeys will switch around if we're short on a class.
Class nights: We run class nights sprodically in WvW. The aim is to learn from each other about various builds, and play with the toolset. These are casual fun runs with the focus very much on discussing the class and Q&A. And of course screenshot opportunities.
Guild missions: We have all missions unlocked and set the preference for WvW. Most of these get done during our raids, however for the PvE mission and the missions that can't be done during normal gameplay (eg. killing sentries, camps or escorting dollies in a time limit), we get together for missions currently on Wednesday evening and Sunday afternoon. The PvP one is available if/when people want to do it. The timing gets reviewed every so often.
Guild Meetings: These take place after the Sunday missions, where monkeys are pestered for input and they go off and make a cup of tea. Minutes get put in the guild forums for anyone who cant make it, or who were off making tea.
Guild forum: There's even an application form if you like that sort of thing ^^
PvE nights: The first Saturday of each month is set aside for any PvE events monkeys would like to do. In addition we occasionally have some small competitions and treasure hunts. It's an opportunity for the guild to get revenge for all the synthesisers and sentries they're made to skip in WvW.
sPvP/Asuraball: We have a guild hall Arena that regularly has monkeys fighting each other. We have run a tournie and will soon be able to get Asuraball back up and running, these are done on a sporadic basis when someone feels like arranging it.
TS: Not compulsory, but it is strongly preferred for guild raids in WvW (if only to listen).
Repping: We ask that you rep most of the time (at least 95%) - many guild members have personal banks. It's ok to help friend guilds with missions as well, but let monkeys know why you're not repping for a while.
Sprout Dye: Owning this dye is recommended, and will be provided if you don't currently have it. If you're new to this performance-enhancing dye, see here.

Recruitment is currently open for the following:
· 1 x Primate old enough to remember the TV show 'Monkey Magic'. If it inspired you to paint a stick black and gold, even better.
· 4 x A cappella singers (Barber's quartet also acceptable)
· 13 x Rangers. Bows and Arrows are cool. Nuff said.
· 1 x Mesmer who will wait inside towers with a portal while we do Other Things™ (can't remember where we left the last one).
· 1 x Mesmer who will swear not to portal guildies into a gate.
· 3 x Asura for our break dance crew.
· 3 x Rallybots. For when downing them once just isn't enough.
· 8 x Primates who know all the lyrics to Stonehenge by Ylvis. Some gospel singers would be great.
· 1 x Monkey linguist to keep our supply of nonexistent words replenished. 24x7, absolutely no overtime compensations.
· 1 x Warrior who doesn't save banners for the sole joy of watching the commander die repeatedly.
· 1 x Primate who can B-box. If we don't find someone soon, we're going to have to learn how to do it ourselves. Please save our guild from this.
· 1 x Primate with Slow Cooker experience.
· 1 x Primate to recover the firewood that sometimes mysteriously appears during fights.

We will also consider others if you have a unique skill or talent, but we unfortunately have no more spots for Primates who excel at bad puns. THEY WILL BE SENT TO THE PUNITENTIARY.

If you fancy unleashing your Inner Monkey and would like to see if our guild is a good fit, please contact Silq (Barabajagal.6147), Izzy (Yzzo.2986) or Ing (Plinks.1935).

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