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  1. Meanwhile on Piken ;)

    Most socks should have a hole in them tho, or they will be really hard to get on! =O
  2. Meanwhile on Piken ;)

    Hey if they can do it why can't you? GO HAM! =D
  3. I am a bandwagoner wew

    Cya around Roony! Enjoy the hopfully good fights on RoS! =D
  4. Piken holiday population and beyond

    key is checked and updated once per week. So everyone who is validated has anactive acc on piken.
  5. Piken holiday population and beyond

    I heard bob and gcef?
  6. Piken holiday population and beyond

    Didn't we also lose two of our more active wvw guilds?
  7. Power scourge

    wait have we gone full circle so good old artilery necro is back? =O As someone who never opted into defencive stats cause it's a waste of dmg this is great news!
  8. Starter Builds

    slow clap people. This is impressive in all the wrong ways. @Brio if you want the thread closed just say the word.
  9. Starter Builds

    Nice. Atm this is what I have been running http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vRAQBY5XwiPiNxqIUSLA8BoyCfhgFA (no armor and runes atm, because no idea what I want there, thinking soldier/zerk witht he reaper rune). Edit: Just tested and yes reaper get shroud skills, so the vuln on hit works.
  10. Starter Builds

    Will there be listed own builds for elits? Reaper is more front line than ranged so I would guess gear etc would be different. (No idea if anyone want reapers in zergs but you never know).