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  1. Hoe have you been?

    Haha Hi Nilin!!!!!!!! How are ya?
  2. Hoe have you been?

    Happy my PC worked. Was real fun tonight!
  3. Hoe have you been?

    Thanks for the tips. I flashed firmware from version 009 to 070. Stable so far haha
  4. Hoe have you been?

    Awesome! Thanks. Got my login again, now just figure out if my SSD or mobo is dying
  5. Hoe have you been?

    Forgot to ask, PPT and PPK system changed in the meanwhile? Noticed you mentioned some obscure wvw points players can collect? Is the commander tag colour code still in place at Liken and are scouts still around?
  6. Hoe have you been?

    Thanks for the great summary Dione. Cant remember issues with blasting though... *whistles* Well bomb galore it is then :-) Do casters understand their positions in fights mostly? Do leaps generally still work or nerfed?
  7. Hoe have you been?

    Great to see you are all here! Sounds tempting to jump in again. Will first have to fix my pc and download a million updates or so (and find my gw2 login ahhhhhhhh). Look forward to speak with you all again in TS and have fun in game. Will dust off the music bot Might take a bit of time before I am in game tho. On a side note: I will be rusty as h3ll for sure. Can't even remember most tower or skill names right now and have not kept up with game changes in years. So I will desperately need help and advice. Also, I will need to keep check that I won't make the same mistake that I made before: keeping game / real-life balanced - I.o.w. only casual gaming ^^
  8. Hoe have you been?

    Hi Mocambo! Gr8 to see you are still there. Is the population in game and on Piken still big enough to have large scale action and are there still many GvG guilds around?
  9. Hoe have you been?

    Dear all, It has been a few years since I left you all. The game had taken over most of my real life in those days and since then I left my PC to ruins. By now I could not resist (missing you all dearly FFS!) To login and take a peek... I hope you will understand that my abrupt leaving was pure self preservation and had nothing to so with Piken, only fond memories about you all. How have you all been? Piken still alive and kicking ass? I dearly hope PS is still in there making game fun! Cheers Vic
  10. [PS] Ghost Squad

    Hi Pikeneers, Great effort this matchup against Viz and DZ. Here's some footage from the Ghost Squad rampage. Most funny part was to see a 30+ zerg watch us pass by towards rampart and after seeing that they just left the map not even trying to defend ^^ Thanks for your support and cya soon again!
  11. [Etnl] Eternal Shadow Nexus

    LoL and a late very welcome ^^
  12. WvW guild transfered to Piken Sassari [RaW]

    Welcome! Give a shout if you need anything ^^ Happy hunting!
  13. [IM] Inner Monkeys

    Awesome guild! Join them to have a really awesome time!
  14. WvW Commander Guide [AH]

    Great guide. Thx, there is tons of stuff in there which is written concise and clearly.
  15. [DAWN]

    Welcome to piken! Hope you will have good fights and we really apreciate guilds (or ppl in general) that care about the community!