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  1. [KNOT]

  2. Pin You Up!

    Thank you @Rose Click here to see the amazing char!
  3. Pin You Up!

    Hay rose Wanna do a drawing of me [email protected]
  4. [KNOT]

    We are currently in search of 5 members to join. then we will close for a while so the membership and get to know one another before we take any more intakes.
  5. [KNOT]

    Lumber is Life, Lumber is Love is an active community guild. We are based on several servers, though our WvW section is based on Piken. We welcome any member no matter their background or preferences, we do all game modes including and not limited to PvE. Raids are done weekly for WvW and also PvE raids. some rules include: we are not a 100% rep guild though when we are in WvW we do ask that you rep. Respect is a big thing in the guild as we have members from a sides of the spectrum. Any one found disrespecting others or commenting on preferences will be removed. all are welcome to join our ranks! You feel like you up for fun let us know I’m game or message myself on the forums. have fun keep safe and have a good one! See you in game and let’s have fun
  6. Guild is amazing


  7. Piken has seriously pissed me off tonight:P

  8. Gender really now!!

  9. 2 pres in 4 days. This is getting crazy but not the one I want!!! Thanks mystic toilet

  10. lets get piken back to the way things use to be!