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  1. Pin You Up!

    Also accepting new requests o/
  2. Pin You Up!

    Click yeeeeee
  3. Pin You Up!

    yay, delay! ^^
  4. Pin You Up!

    Oh efs, I did try to draw with ink as well and it turns out I'm absolutely horrid! Think it's why I'm very partial to my tablet. You can always go back to earlier versions, resize, rotate, ... It's so much more relaxing c: (also ty! <3) Duillyn, feel like it's lacking some curves ^^
  5. Pin You Up!

    Here ya go!
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    Thank you so much, Vidyia Feel free to post as well if you want one ^_ ^
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  8. Pin You Up!

    Do you have a female character or a very very feminine male one? Always wondered how they'd end up looking like a (probably safe for work) calendar girl? Seek no more! Rose shall doodle your character into a pin-up! If it's a pretty one, I'll likely draw pretty, if it's a charr or asura, I'll likely make it a silly doodle because I faiiiiiiil so hard! RIP. So post your character! c: Also, as it's public to all, you're free to share this with other friends regardless of whether or not they got a Piken status. To get ahead of FAQ: artwork is free artistic freedom rules! stalk my posts/ ts for samples quality varies a ton. I blame my hormones. I like curvy things, so you'll get some! I draw fast but don't have massive amounts of time. Patience, my dears! all frenemy server friends allowed. -free hugs sign here- xoxo Rose Finished pin-ups: - Namkha - Vey
  9. Yay - found you! No idea what sort of picture - well ... something where we look sort of threatening and fierce and like Bruvs from criminal class/ inner city - Kray Brothers comes to mind. When I am looking normal I get attacked bu solo players (and die ofc). When I am Bruv, solo players run away from me! Think it is a bit like being a snowball or a ... damn, those cute fat things with short arms. no one attacks them! And Svarty is always trying to keep me alive - he is sooo nice! I will have a chat with him and see if he has any ideas, hugs :)

    1. Rose


      Haha, sounds pretty fabulous! ^^

      I don't want to try two clones, so any ideas on how to make them look different? :)

    2. Bina Artz

      Bina Artz

      good point - will ponder :))

  10. Off to Florida!
    See you all in 12 days <3

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    2. Chimpz


      Hoop dat je het heel fijn hebt gehad Rose :)

    3. Rose


      Really had a blast! Sad I will be going bad.... You should see this weather and these views and the produce you can get at farmers markets. Considering buying a condo or house here and become a baker x)

    4. Chimpz


      Hehe i have been there! So i know what you are talking about ^__^


  11. Can I kill my intern, pretty please?

  12. Dr.: "It's bad. I'm afraid you can't speak for a few days."

    Rest in pieces...

    1. Chimpz


      Ahww Rose *big hug* hope you soon get better! =(

  13. Cooking this weekend: Gw2 Halloween recipes!

    What is your favourite?

  14. What gw2 food should I make next? :p

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    2. Rose


      will try to see if that can be put on the menu for Thursday or Wednesday. Thank you for the suggestion <3

    3. zinn


      did you mean irl? :p

    4. Rose


      Yush! Actually bought ingredients, so will make it tonight ^^