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  1. Hi Rose,

    I have sorted 2 images, I like the battle pose (image 2), but if it's possible can you adjust my ears so they are down (image 1)

    Image 1

    Image 2

    Look forward to having an avatar for the forums and ts!!

    I'm really excited to see what you come up with, which by looking at your artwork will be impressive :)

    Thanking you in advance


    1. Rose


      Here you are! ^^


  2. A Letter to ArenaNet

    Piken Square does need to open up again. Have a few guildies who also were linked with us and want to transfer in. They've been waiting for a long time for it to open up as well, but to no avail...
  3. What is your Guild up to?

    ScS is as the name says mostly dedicated to scouting/roaming. We do like to support the server in our way and join public tags to help out where we can. We don't raid as a lot of us don't) can't play on fixed hours, making organisation a tad difficult (hours/scouting-roaming vs raid). As we're not 100% rep req, most of our members are in other guilds as well for raiding/havoc, ... So we've already been assimilated by Borg in a way ^^
  4. Pin You Up!

    Haha, I know what you mean. I drew something unforgettable ^^ And I should be able to doodle something, but not in the pin-up style. It'll be more cutesy.
  5. Pin You Up!

    Here you are! <3
  6. Pin You Up!

    Have some genderbending c:
  7. Pin You Up!

    Thanks, @Exo!
  8. Pin You Up!

    click meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee - I made a selfie :B
  9. Pin You Up!

    Please think of any Quagmire quote when you watch this :')
  10. Pin You Up!

  11. Pin You Up!

    Just post a reference :-)
  12. Pin You Up!

    Also accepting new requests o/
  13. Pin You Up!

    Click yeeeeee
  14. Pin You Up!

    yay, delay! ^^
  15. Pin You Up!

    Oh efs, I did try to draw with ink as well and it turns out I'm absolutely horrid! Think it's why I'm very partial to my tablet. You can always go back to earlier versions, resize, rotate, ... It's so much more relaxing c: (also ty! <3) Duillyn, feel like it's lacking some curves ^^