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  2. Goodbye everyone <3

    good luck man - yep Guilds come and go - not to many that stay around when the going gets tough! lucky for Piken they do have a decent back bone of guilds who stay the task! so go Piken \o/
  3. Piken Square YouTube channel

    6 more subscribers before the draw to win 940 Gems >>>>>>>>
  4. piken Square youtube

    subscribe enter gamer name = chance to win 940 Gems
  5. Piken Square YouTube channel SUBSCRIBE ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  6. Sieging keeps

    stuff i spammed in t/m/ chat ages ago maybe start doing it again! ¸„ø ¤º°☞☞Guys Dont wALK pAST ⒪⒪ Please RefreSH Siege☜☜°º¤ø„¸ ∴∵'*★ ∵'*☆ Time for our global siege refresh (JUST DO IT)☆*'∵ ★*'∵∴ copy paste into game chats ->>> maybe work and let new people know what refreshing siege means some do not know what to do!!
  7. Leaving Piken

    Ye that's not controversial at all. we do have a few members in whom are friends of piken , so we can all keep in touch - but it is limited access so all good \o/ omega x
  8. Leaving Piken

    wow - sincere best wishes for you, hope everything medical and educational goes well, hope you have fun roaming and continue to enjoy the game. ++ Good Luck == omega x
  9. Piken Square YouTube channel -- Please subscribe to our youtube channel..... go Piken need 100+
  10. Piken Square YouTube channel

    Thanks for the advice... nice one! Now we need 100+ subscribers so if you all could that would be great ..... Thanks Piken....
  11. The ps youtube channel please contact @The highlander to upload your videos to this channel. Also please like and subscribe.....>>>>> All rights of the video sent will belong to there respective owners. Support the Piken Square YouTube channel today !!!!!
  12. I'm not a fan of the new pound coin, but then again, I hate all change."


    Done ty for input.

    We will work on that also, ty for bringing it to our attention !

    So you joined our Forum ( and got registered with your API key, well done that is the first step to wvw community fun. Now follow the rest >>>>> & you will have a rewarding time. To all new-WvW'ers that will be entering WvW on the Piken Square server to get that backpiece or the many other rewards: If you will be following a commander, install TeamSpeak 3 ( ask to get verified, get yourself in the channel which the commander is in,and follow his commands without straying off tag. Stay on tag and be disciplined. You don't need to be super skilled and know all about WvW to be useful.The #1 most important thing is to get on TeamSpeak and be disciplined. If you want to know something, just ask. You can ask in TeamSpeak, in map, squad or team chat, and I'm sure you'll find someone willing to help you out. I can assure you that you'll get more rewards from being disciplined and helping the commander than by just doing your own thing . You might even discover you can actually enjoy playing WvW Oh please don't have your mini pets open when you are in WvW. They are a huge location spoiler as they do not go in stealth when you do. Piken is a friendly wvw community and we are happy that you took the time to join us, please please feel free to ask any question's if you are new to wvw, we the community are happy to help with any question's you may have! See you on the Battlefield. INFO>>> colour of our wvw tags: Blue - open , anyone can join. Red - Open but small scale Havoc Purple- scout, those individuals that look after our structures and supply important info to our server. Yellow - Closed Guild group please do not Join. Teamspeak = Ask in map to be verified. Starter Builds Server recommended builds. WvW Guilds recruiting. Forum and teamspeak staff. Omegazone.9254