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  1. I think the ones who developed the original wvw have left ages ago. I have no real sympathy for the other devs only on a most basic surface level
  2. Meanwhile on Piken ;)

    I find reporting someone to be a sign of weakness but the post your pic is about was pretty disrespectful to be fair. And yea, piken can do better Why use a bad word when you can use a nice word?
  3. 2018 Quiz

    I only know Sir Attenborough
  4. We are actually doing much better population wise now that the Christmas season is over. Of course things can still improve.
  5. This is very true @Eramir216, most of us are here to have fun. Some only find enjoyment in PPT/defense/upgrading and some only in fights with the best build combos available. Most people however should really be focusing on the combination of these two play styles since that's where the real meat of WvW comes from in my opinion. @GR0MIT: This is quite unfair, Piken offers a good balance of both. It is true that we ( speaking for myself) like fights where we actually are fighting for something and not waiting for our turn to blobvblob amidst the lag at the gvg spot above south camp. If people think that's fun that is their right but I think it's a rather simple way of looking at WvW as a whole because it offers so much more. I feel like some commanders think they are above of the people they lead while it should be the other way around. Commanders should adjust themselves to the abilities of the populus. This was more like an observation than a real complain from me. I have said it many times, I don't really care about losing or winning but in general I like to help out with upgrading/defending since I think that's where the real excitement of WvW comes from and where the best fights can be had. It just pains me to see that the enemy has a blob and we have no people. We do not need a fight commander to defend stuff but we do need people.
  6. So Holidays only affect us? Because in my experience the germans are spending their holidays playing hard and playing cheese builds I know we had RaW and Doc on blacktide during reset but he is also on RoS now I think. Let me reiterate then. I find his opinion personally irrelevant because he hasn't been doing much beside subtly complain and throw these half-satirical remarks around for a long time. And not just in the forums but ingame as well for weeks. Obviously McMidgett is not wrong but let's not pretend he is trying to add anything of (constructive) value to the thread. And yeah if you are on another server then this discussion should be pretty uninteresting to you, since this is not a mind-blowingly exciting subject. And my aim here is to breath some life into the forum but also personally invested in the "life" of wvw and the cause/effect of mass migrations or server dynamic changes.
  7. Mcmidgett my dude your opinion is completely irrelevant to this discussion since you are on RoS. I think you are a cool dude and have some fun opinions without being too obvious about being a troll like some other fellas on your server. All I'm saying is that I know you love Piken deep in your heart so just come back here and stop spewing bullshit. I personally want you back here as well, giving us some healthy reality checks. You are wasted over there, m8
  8. Ayo, fellers! Just wanted to get a discussion rolling on our current numbers during the day. I haven't been playing too much (still too much) during this christmas season but I noticed that we've definitely lost a good chunk of our wvw players since the relink last week. During the actual reset we barely had a 10 ppl que on the borders and even that only lasted for about an hour. As most of us probably noticed Kodash started steamrolling us during the day and we are barely able to defend one T3 objective come prime time. It's obvious that our current link is much weaker than RoS was and they do not play wvw nearly as actively. It's fairly obvious that we will tank hard since even SFR overtakes us now. My question and the topic of the discussion would be if you think we can expect this lack of presence "permamently" from now on or is it only because of the holiday season (ppl spending it with their loved ones, friends etc.) It's obvious that we are going to drop ranks hard but realistically speaking how much in your opinion? It's very interesting for me to get the whole picture about the cause of these events and I would like to get your take on the matter.
  9. How to take out siege using Actioncam!

    great! hopefully revenants will stop slacking now
  10. 2015-05-26_00005.jpg

  11. Welcome to the forums zinn :)

  12. Welcome to the forums zinn :)