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  1. What is your Guild up to?

    Blub are mostly roaming and havoc oriented but raid nearly everyday.
  2. Greetings!

    How is it going?

    Everything fine in the house and stuffs and with the guy lurking about?


    1. Dione


      Struggling with some health problems, and Raving is absolutely the most supportive person in the world and im the happiest girl because of it.

      How're you Rosh?


    Hopefully the internet will be installed in the new house today ^^

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    2. Dione


      Internet company fcked up. But I have internet! Yay!

    3. Rosh


      so how did they mess up?

    4. Dione


      They didn't feel like coming over to install the box because they wanted to have holidays.

  4. The university told me I should start with my Master classes this semester...even though I haven't yet gotten my Bachelor. My uni has some funny people in charge. But I'm going to start my masters yay!

    1. Merle


      Good luck <3

    2. Rose


      Good luck and a lot of fun!

  5. There are so many girls on Piken its great! Soon there will be enough of us to take over the world mwahahahah...

    1. Rose


      Soon, we can have our own tea parties and host upperdare nights ^^

    2. Rosh


      That is one thing i liked about gw2 wvw. that there were actually women playing it too :)

      It also adds a lot to the athmosphere in ts most of the time in my opinion (in mixed-sex guilds too).

  6. I wanted to help Raving dig out the garden for the terrace. We had a mini bulldozer and a shovel, guess which one i got...

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    2. Rosh


      urghs. is she well?

    3. Dione


      It's spelled "ploughed". And I'm o.k. Rosh, sitting on an ice pack fixes everything.

    4. Rosh


      oh. i dont want to interfere in theamerican/british debate ;)

      great. ice packs can do interesting stuff. take care of your bladder tho, it might not take your actions lightly.

  7. I want Oni, Roy and Evil fanfiction. But not together, cuz that'd be weird...

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    2. Merle


      Let's get together and write these!

    3. Roy


      I refuse to be a part of any Fanfiction that does not also include Oni.

    4. Merle


      OnixRoy: Freedom Fighting

  8. At what point would you be considered a PvE addict? Because i have 35 stacks of Bloodstone Dust >.<

    1. Quget


      Addict  xD

  9. Giving free hugs to quaggans and friends

    1. Quget


      Quaggan loves free hugs <3


  10. Ash leaving Piken

    nuuuuu come back Q_Q
  11. i just follow you :D

    1. Dione


      3rd follower since i came back Oo


    2. Turtle


      Because you're the Piken Queen :D:D:D


  12. I want to cuddle EVERYTHING >:O)

    1. Matt Lifecrusher

      Matt Lifecrusher

      New competion confirmed!

      Cuddle EVERYTHING Week!

    2. Turtle


      *cuddle dione*