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  1. The only sensible choice for moderator

    Hello soon to be devoted underlings! I have put my name forward to Roshe for the position of future king/moderator of whatever the moderator will be moderating. I can make the following promises to secure my victory* I will look at the forum every dayb I will make instant unilateral judgements without looking into the full details of the issue I will, despite making judgements reserve the right to not follow up on anything I have said, depending on whether or not I can be bothered to do anything I will take bribes on all matters, all bribes will be considered, however small they may be. To maintain order, I will may randomly ban members of the community to keep everyone on their toes (in conjunction with item 3) I promise at all times to ensure that all topics and crying posts are raised and discussed in the correct part of the forums I will not rely on logic or reasoning when making judgements If I get bored with a discussion I will spam paste random reviews of vaccum cleaners into the thread from Amazon until it gets interesting My full manefesto can be found here: A vote for me is a vote for justiceIII Your future king, HRH Callendor Mittens * All promises reserve the right to be not promises depending on the whim of the promise in question b The word Day is interchangeable with any period of time III Not justice
  2. Blowing up the enemy

  3. Solo Rampart (Garrison) guide

    Easy guide to solo Rampart (garrison)
  4. Piken has the best roamers

    My brother's first video... I dared him to make a video killing PvX without using a HUD... no view on health of him, enemies or skills..... Showing that Piken is to be feared :-)

    It looks awesome!!!! Also appears on your login screen which is pretty cool
  6. I invented a new word today, "Plagiarism" :-)

  7. Soloing towers and camps, the easy way

    A quick tutorial for soloing camps and towers in the fastest way possible, I hope this helps people relatively new to WvW and also helps veteran players understand some of the mechanics around tower lords.
  8. Experimenting with finishers

    This also works really well with a deer/stag transformation or jack-o-lope transformation with the equivalent finisher
  9. Flying gomem

  10. Healing seige... gj anet

    By using vampiric aura you can heal seige....