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  1. At this point BoB isnt moving anywhere. If we do, we will make a decision at that time based on the most up to date info available. A lot of the guild are currently afk with xmas etc.
  2. 11/12 patch theorycraft

    toally wouldnt work in practicallity - but what about running 5 ten man squads. each squad has 2 partys of 5 in somewhat traditional setup. 1 FB per pty can do a stab rota with the guard from the other party. Then all 10 man boons apply to entire squad and all 5 man ones specifically to your party (i.e. like normal). 4 of the squads run 'invisible' tag. p.s. im not convinced about favouring pure of voice over the extra heal trait.... i think the trade off is too much...
  3. 11/12 patch theorycraft

    constructive conversation? I must be in the wrong place
  4. Power scourge

    think i said it before - but 'what is best' to run is basically a play style decision. Not your play style - the groups play style. Necros are not like backline Revs or eles who can kinda go rogue and do their own thing. Necros are a team / co-ordination class.... so the build that is preffered should be inline with the playstyle of your typical piken/ros public group. If your commander plays for sustain and cant co-ordiante a spike to save their life then clearly cele will be better. If your commander plays for spikes then power can be better.
  5. Power scourge

    1 thing, running power doesnt mean you are necessarily striping or corrupting less than cele. You can still run curses trait line and use scepter.
  6. Power scourge

    I think with zero healing power, the heal barrier skill is still about 4.2k barrier? Vs cele build which i think is a bit over 5k... so not much diff.
  7. Power scourge

    number 1 job of scourge still has to be strips/corrupts/barriers... ele + rev should be doing the spike dps
  8. Power scourge

    yeah what eramir said - basically if your commander/group can really pull off effective and co-ordinated spikes (and thats the playstyle you are aiming for) then sure go more pwer oriented.... of your commander/group cant do that or focusses more on sustain gameplay then go for more sustain. The strength in Scourges is when they are co-ordinated to act together - they are like 1/3 of a squad.... if that cant be sorted by the com then frankly running full power makes little sense.
  9. Power scourge

    You can run soul reaping and curses. You need curses for the strips and devouring darkness. Scepter is not just a condi weapon.
  10. Meta shifts

    well thats the problem - we should have a shit ton more than 3 revs... ideally 1 rev per pty. And a good number of eles too. Scourge does good damage but primary role is still corrupts and strips and barriers (and co-oridinated shade and well spikes). If people did run shout warrior (not convinced) then they should still be running dps stats.
  11. Meta shifts

    y i did wonder with the warriors changes if shouts could be more a thing - especially for the more defensive SBs as they will be on tag most of the time so gives them something to do
  12. Poke the Thieves

    cool video!
  13. Meta shifts

    3.) 4.) you have the right of it 2.) I think if the thief is exceptionally good and has sustain support from party its definately do able in decent size fights (like 30 v 30)..... but really it has to be a good player cause 1 mistake and you are screwed.
  14. vs WSR 26/8/18 Part 2

    few fights won and lost vs WSR (tks to Coffee for footage)