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  1. So long Piken o/

    On the plus side, now we get to help level up chris's alt core necro!
  2. Official Piken Square server builds

    REMINDER: EZ builds and guides are here. They make them for all EU not just thier guild, so dont be too precious or proud to atleast take them seriously.
  3. So long Piken o/

    Cheers for the fun and effort Oni - see you on the battlefield!
  4. Fixing Piken <3

    2 classic examples of lack confidence yest when I tagged.. 1. We know vabbi is on QL gate, we have veil and easy surprise... im expecting to insta down 15-20. Dogg pushes with veil... 5 people push hard with him and we all die. Rest die anyway cause no balls. 2. We know they on other side of outer SM portal. When they push through i say lets push to them and bomb fucking portal. 5 people follow and resg back peddle immediately up nearby stairs and all die. This with 40+ on TS.
  5. Fixing Piken <3

    Just to say - borders are claimed at reset meeting (1 hour b4 reset)... always has been this way and always should be that way. So Flex and anyone else that wants to tag, be there to book your border and co-ord. Outside reset its a total free for all as long as no open tag jumps to or starts on a map that already has open tag.
  6. Fixing Piken <3

    One action would be for a bit of common sense at reset meeting.... dont stretch our 'capable' forces too much by having 3/4 tags when we only have enough quality for 1/2.
  7. Fixing Piken <3

    First off, lets define exactly what it is you want piken to be? What is an ideal server for you? Is this vision something everyone can buy into? For me, I always wanted balance and diversity. - a server where i can play my part in a competitive zerg - a server that has full spectrum of personalities (appreciating I will not agree with the opinion of all but repecting their right to have that opinion) - a server where if i want to ninja ppt i can - a server if i want to scout i can do it without being labelled as that ppt guy - a server where if i want to join a good fighting guild i can (if im good enough). - event and community raids great. So i want all these things. Problem is a lot of people only want 1 or a few of these things and shit on people who want something different. So the first step to fixing piken? Respect balance and diversity.
  8. Better builds for piken!

    Just relink to your post - job done :-)
  9. Better builds for piken!

    I think the main point is atleast getting the general population to look at these builds cause atm i suspect 75% of the eb etc flesh have spent zero time researching anything. If they change a trinket or 2 np... just get these people into 'something' thats not totally crap. When someone who has barely played ele / has unco fingers / but atleast researched a good build can be top 4 or 5 dps the 2nd time they play weaver, something is wrong....
  10. Better builds for piken!

    Better yet do the reward tracks while you play wvw. I basically did that for months and have stacks of each.
  11. Piken square forum

    Come back to us Frou! Make Piken great (again)!
  12. Piken square forum

    fair enough haggis, any serious douche bags im sure Rosh or the mods can unfriend if necessary!
  13. Piken square forum

    p.s. stuff like reset plans (which I havent seen advertised on here for ages) or class raids are hardly secrets..... me and dozens of others are communicating inter server before reset to try and find the best fight maps.
  14. Piken square forum

    tbh there is absolutely nothing 'secret' on these forums. I've got no problem with 'friends' of piken still have access to the site - in most cases they have contributed something (in some cases a lot) to the server. In my 3/4 years on piken ive never seen us plan some kind of game week 'strategy' which could be of any interest to another server. Also like to point out that freakshow was 'friend' status and he maintained the server builds until very recently - many many people find this useful as surely ive never seen any other pikeener (sorry brio) post anything as remotely useful or 'current'. Yes some of the 'friends' are a bit salty and it may seem like they are looking for any oppurtunity to have a dig, but tbh this thier problem.