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  1. Meta shifts

    y i did wonder with the warriors changes if shouts could be more a thing - especially for the more defensive SBs as they will be on tag most of the time so gives them something to do
  2. Poke the Thieves

    cool video!
  3. Meta shifts

    3.) 4.) you have the right of it 2.) I think if the thief is exceptionally good and has sustain support from party its definately do able in decent size fights (like 30 v 30)..... but really it has to be a good player cause 1 mistake and you are screwed.
  4. vs WSR 26/8/18 Part 2

    few fights won and lost vs WSR (tks to Coffee for footage)
  5. vs WSR 26/8/18 Part 1

    few fights won and lost vs WSR (tks to Coffee for footage)
  6. Fights from a recent raid - sorry i dont do fancy video graphics
  7. Goodbye everyone <3

    o/ see you nibbler... no mercy!
  8. Guardian Brigade Open Raid

    makes me wana play ele more!
  9. Leaving Piken

    gl mate thanks for the efforts
  10. Where Maaze goes - enemies die!
  11. Better builds for piken!

    Just relink to your post - job done :-)
  12. Better builds for piken!

    I think the main point is atleast getting the general population to look at these builds cause atm i suspect 75% of the eb etc flesh have spent zero time researching anything. If they change a trinket or 2 np... just get these people into 'something' thats not totally crap. When someone who has barely played ele / has unco fingers / but atleast researched a good build can be top 4 or 5 dps the 2nd time they play weaver, something is wrong....
  13. Better builds for piken!

    Better yet do the reward tracks while you play wvw. I basically did that for months and have stacks of each.