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  1. Poke the Thieves

    cool video!
  2. vs WSR 26/8/18 Part 2

    few fights won and lost vs WSR (tks to Coffee for footage)
  3. vs WSR 26/8/18 Part 1

    few fights won and lost vs WSR (tks to Coffee for footage)
  4. Fights from a recent raid - sorry i dont do fancy video graphics
  5. Guardian Brigade Open Raid

    makes me wana play ele more!
  6. Where Maaze goes - enemies die!
  7. Better builds for piken!

    Just relink to your post - job done :-)
  8. Better builds for piken!

    I think the main point is atleast getting the general population to look at these builds cause atm i suspect 75% of the eb etc flesh have spent zero time researching anything. If they change a trinket or 2 np... just get these people into 'something' thats not totally crap. When someone who has barely played ele / has unco fingers / but atleast researched a good build can be top 4 or 5 dps the 2nd time they play weaver, something is wrong....
  9. Better builds for piken!

    Better yet do the reward tracks while you play wvw. I basically did that for months and have stacks of each.
  10. [piken][wsr] epicReset - gw2 1440p

    nice vid but make sure you stay on tag ;-)
  11. Piken vs Gandara short vid

    when im commanding i often forget to do basics
  12. Piken vs Gandara short vid

    video blocked cause of copyright music... will have to re-upload blah blah
  13. Short video made 15/7/2017 of fights with Gandara near there spawn and me getting Ultimate Dominator at 1:27. Epic loot bags at end. I'm not a video maker - this is my first attempt. Yes I should of swapped out of staff more ;-) Sorry for the bad music
  14. [JDGE] Pull Together

    great video - that fight gainst the mini gandara blob was pretty epic