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  1. Fights from a recent raid - sorry i dont do fancy video graphics
  2. Goodbye everyone <3

    o/ see you nibbler... no mercy!
  3. Guardian Brigade Open Raid

    makes me wana play ele more!
  4. Leaving Piken

    gl mate thanks for the efforts
  5. Where Maaze goes - enemies die!
  6. 3rd tier keep - How to save

    There are a few variables like how big is the enemy and what t3 it is. Ofc ask for help a few times goving details. Try building useful siege - bubble gens if you can stop the treb/cata. Never pull ewp if there is no one on the map to take it or blob is on it. If they are a lot more, desert bl its still possible to save the t3 (keeps) as the lords are actually useful. Once they break inner 1. Gank the slow ones as they come through whilst avoiding main grp 2. Close inner if outer is to far to close 3. Ideally be tagged to try and attract allies 4. Dont panic, start prodding the outer edge of the blob and focus any stragglers or downstate 5. Over time you nay be able to ware grp down and maybe they run out of people. Dont yolo into the circle if its not ticking.
  7. Better builds for piken!

    Just relink to your post - job done :-)
  8. Better builds for piken!

    I think the main point is atleast getting the general population to look at these builds cause atm i suspect 75% of the eb etc flesh have spent zero time researching anything. If they change a trinket or 2 np... just get these people into 'something' thats not totally crap. When someone who has barely played ele / has unco fingers / but atleast researched a good build can be top 4 or 5 dps the 2nd time they play weaver, something is wrong....
  9. Better builds for piken!

    Better yet do the reward tracks while you play wvw. I basically did that for months and have stacks of each.
  10. [piken][wsr] epicReset - gw2 1440p

    nice vid but make sure you stay on tag ;-)
  11. Piken vs Gandara short vid

    when im commanding i often forget to do basics
  12. Piken vs Gandara short vid

    video blocked cause of copyright music... will have to re-upload blah blah
  13. Short video made 15/7/2017 of fights with Gandara near there spawn and me getting Ultimate Dominator at 1:27. Epic loot bags at end. I'm not a video maker - this is my first attempt. Yes I should of swapped out of staff more ;-) Sorry for the bad music