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  1. Support from WvW, latest "developments"

    We do this on new years, don't make it a weekly thing.
  2. 2018 Quiz

    In the news 6 - David Attenborough Entertainment 7 - Burt Reynolds Those are the only two that matter, the rest are redundant, odious, vacuous, narcissistic and servile.
  3. Why?

    You're moaning at a TS admin team that does not come here because you've pestered them off with inane crap years ago and expect a forum mod to help you (Great effort btw Duci but ill-advised). I doubt they deleted your channel, it was standard practice to remove verification and have you reapply (Hard work I know asking in-game chat, my god so so so hard), it's happened to everyone that's left...... The entitlement is unreal with some people.
  4. Why?

  5. Why?

    Spits dummy out over standard practice of guild announcement to leave and calls the TS mods bullies on the forum they don't use before trying to resolve it.

    Just do what you want, try and be flexible with border picks for raids and it'll all ok. Ignore the drama and stay off the forums.
  7. Piken holiday population and beyond

    *Hissing intensifies*
  8. Piken holiday population and beyond

    We've moaned we're full and now we don't like it coz we've not got the population, how about just enjoying a break from all the congestion for a bit.
  9. Piken holiday population and beyond

    Ya'll drove the fight comms off and then complain we have nothing to do apart from PPT.......
  10. Pin You Up!

  11. The only sensible choice for moderator

    Gromit approves this message.
  12. DPS Staff Ele Guide (Updated 18/12/17)

    This needs to be a pinned and locked topic so people don't "Discuss" this build. Great job btw.
  13. Pin You Up!

    Rose did these two for me ages ago, worth the wait. The second was when i was accused of abuse of power by the community when i was a TS admin.