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  1. Lag issues & Solutions Part 2

    Backup. Mentioned 2 times. Now bolded and a bit bigger fontsize. Thanks for input
  2. Lag issues & Solutions Part 2

    New stuff with Windows 10 version 1809 as far as I have noticed Focus assist Focus assist will now enable automatically when you’re playing any full screen game. This behavior should be enabled automatically, but you can always check on Settings > System > Focus assist and ensuring the “When I’m playing a game” option automatic rule is turned on Clipboard In the “System” section, you’ll notice a new Clipboard page that houses all the settings to customize the new clipboard experience. Using this page, you can enable or disable the cloud-powered clipboard (Windows key + V), but you’ll continue to have a clipboard functionality just like before. Also, in this page, you can enable or disable the ability to sync your clipboard content to the cloud to be available across devices. This I will ofc turn off Typing - I will set this to Off, Captures In the “Gaming” section, you won’t find a lot of visual changes, but the Game DVR now has been renamed to Captures. I will check out what it will have for impact on the other tweaks, if they are obsolete and/or if I have to add more Talk to Cortana In the Talk to Cortana page, you can now change the name that Cortana uses to call you. (This option was previously available in the Cortana experience settings.) Speech While in the Speech page, you won’t find new features, but now, this is the place to turn Online speech recognition on or off. Edit: I noticed OneSyncSrv is back due to the version-change
  3. Other tweaks I have done in windows 10, besides You must be running as an administrator Remove Weather and all moving/blinking stuff from Startmenu Disable OneDrive Uninstall Windows Media Player - I recommend VLC You can't turn off the telemetry feature completely, but you can choose to send only a limited amount of data on your Windows 10 usage. To do so, go to Settings > Privacy > Diagnostics & Feedback and change the setting under the Diagnostic Data heading from Full to Basic. Regedit: Press Windows + R keys to open Run command Window. On the Run command Window, type regedit and click on the OK button. In the UAC popup, press YES For safety: Backup the registry before making changes by clicking at the top left 'Archive' -> 'Export'. Store it in root of C, name it 'backup before gw2 tweaks' or similar Disable telemetry Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\DataCollection. In the right panel, right click in an empty space and go to New, select DWORD value (32-bit). Name it AllowTelemetry. Double click on the AllowTelemetry and set the value to 0 and click on Ok. Turn off Xbox DVR Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\System\GameConfigStore Set the value of DWORD "GameDVR_Enabled" to 0 Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\ Create key "GameDVR". Create DWORD 32bit called "AllowGameDVR" and set to 0 Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\xbgm Right-click Start REG_DWORD in the right-side pane of the window. Click Modify Type 4. The default is 3. Click OK. Services Press Windows + R keys to open Run command Window. On the Run command Window, type services.msc and click on the OK button. Backup the list before making changes by right-clicking at the top left 'Services (Local)' -> 'Export List'. In the Services window, scroll down and double-click on Connected User Experiences and Telemetry. Stop it, in General tab: change Startup type to 'Disabled'. In Recovery tab: change all three conditions to 'Take no action' Now, locate dmwappushsvc service and double click on it. Stop it, in General tab: change Startup type to 'Disabled'. In Recovery tab: change all three conditions to 'Take no action' Now find all the services involving Xbox, right-click each one and do the following: General tab: change Startup type to 'Disabled' Recovery tab: change all three conditions to 'Take no action' Feel free, with caution, to do this for any other unwanted app eg., wallet, maps, fax/printer, cloud and/or updating services for Razer/Adobe/Skype Now, let’s take a look at which services you can manually disable safely (if they exist). AllJoyn Router Service: This service is used for routing the AllJoyn messages for AllJoyn clients. Bluetooth Support Service: This service is in charge of discovering and working with Bluetooth devices. Turning it off is safe if your computer doesn’t have a Bluetooth module. Geolocation Service: This service is responsible for monitoring the current location of your system. Phone Service: This service manages the telephony state on the computer. Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service: This service handles touch keyboard and handwriting panel pen and ink functionality. Windows Biometric Service: This service is responsible for capturing and storing biometric data without gaining access to the biometric hardware. Windows Mobile Hotspot Service: This service enables a user to share cellular data with other devices. Adobe Acrobat Update Service: This service manages the updates of all Adobe Acrobat applications. Downloaded Maps Manager: This service allows different installed applications to have access to the downloaded maps. Internet Explorer ETW Collector Service: This service collects real-time ETW events from Internet Explorer and processes them. Print Spooler: This service handles the interaction between the printer and the computer. Disabling it will disable the ability to print. Skype Updater: This service helps download and install the latest Skype updates. Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service: This service lets the user share Windows Media Player libraries to other networked players or music devices. Auto Time Zone Update: This service works in order to update the time zone automatically. Bluetooth Handsfree Service: This service handles the computer’s connection with Bluetooth headsets. Enterprise App Management Service: This service is responsible for managing various enterprise apps. Hyper-V Heartbeat Service: This service is used for monitoring the state of a virtual machine by sending heartbeats at regular intervals. ............... After you complete a Windows 10 upgrade, the first thing you should do is go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update and click Check for updates. Install any available updates, including updated drivers. Next, on the Windows Update page in Settings, click Change active hours to specify your normal work hours (a window of up to 18 hours), when you don't want to be interrupted by updates. Restart your computer. All above can be subject to change after an update of your Windows (you have to redo it). Most likely something will be added after the big update of Windows soon to come. I will get to Focus Assistant later on and a few other tweaks I have made. Edit 1 (quick): Win update - Advanced options - All off Delivery Optimization (not sure it is named that) - OFF Privacy - All off Focus: Off Storage Sense: Off Edit2: Testing to disable OneSyncSvc I forgot 1 service of XBox (and faster way to do it, I update later on to give you less writing to do) Start cmd as admin, paste below code, press enter reg add "HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\xbgm" /v "Start" /t REG_DWORD /d "4" /f sc config XblAuthManager start= disabled sc config XblGameSave start= disabled sc config XboxGipSvc start= disabled sc config XboxNetApiSvc start= disabled Edit 2018 3 October, 16:55 Bolded a few things so people perhaps read them
  4. Sieging keeps

    Deeper knowledge and tips for Refresh [&Bp9IAAA=] is the chat link for Siege Decay Timer No need refresh mortar, oils, cannons. Only those we ourself built. Press F, no need to actually shoot/use a skill (interacting with the siege weapon) will reset timer to 60 minutes. Press F again, and be prepared that your moving direction can change drasticly. Check timer so it was actually refreshed, sometimes it bugs. Golems are not available to FF, but F, then 5 to exit. Global siege refresh-reminders should be done every x.30 and x.00 due to "Static Refresher" can end up in combat/defence mode somewhere else, get dc, time it takes to refresh sieges at some places. Better safe then sorry and IF start refresh, finish the entire round. If being several doing it, meanwhile scouting - communicate with each other. Rotate positions/chain movement (fire and movement, overwatch thinking). If it takes 60 sec to move from spawn to garri, and 60 sec to move from garri to a southern keep, if you are at garri and a friendly is moving from spawn to garrison, due to got ganked by some roamer at S camp, then you change positions instead of letting person run for 2 min, resulting in "a tagged keep being without scout for 60 wasted secs". Share the workload. Start a smaller scout/havoc-squad to see positions of friendlies. ((Would be awesome IF Arenanet could add mapsymbol for siege, similar to how trebs are now, but shorter range, the value of siege and your range to it/them is still loaded. Or option to have it shown or not, same availability to toggle on/off "merchant/bank and such npcs" to declutter screen, cpuwise it will still eat same amount resources but screenwise less in Off-mode))
  5. Starter Builds

    @Etheri I do not have a single pm from you regarding the build. You whispered me ingame, when I had small pneumathorax on left side (that is selfhealing broken/busted lung). I whisped you that I had problems breathing and was in pain, you still thought we should talk builds and I should do this, do that - when most I could focus on was breathing to stay alive. I asked if you could PM the talk on forum and yes, that you could. You made a post. You did not even read entire thread before post. And you still have not pm-ed me regarding the build. ............... I have not checked cost for gear, but posting the builds one last time, then I will check them closely, each and every one of them. In my time. Have opinion about a specific build? Use SEND MESSAGE option or write in own thread about "build x"
  6. Starter Builds

    I linked , as mentioned, to official piken builds. If you feel there is lack of proper ele-builds there, turn to community and bring it up during a meeting/pm Freakshow/post in his thread. In this thread there was earlier glasscannon, that was not all happy about, so build changed. There have been several changes during how all classes was supposed to be played overall (we all go snowball, pirateship, balanced, frontline/backline). And today we have melee + range squads. 2 different tags, 2 different playstyles - but the new player should be knowledgable enough, as game is soon 5 years, to be able to play/sustain all versions, otherwise go some tanky class, edge or back to pve. When I ask for input in pm, then people post in thread. Stone Heart was added, removed, re-added and removed. It was still not only me involved in making the builds, I made the post. Blame me for how bad every other players have played and still stays 1500 range behind tag. It is also my fault Piken open raid tails 6k - 10k. Everything is my fault, because my post did not provide a build that YOU alone approved. Some peoples understanding of others are really embarrassing. And you have reached my limit on how much I take.
  7. Starter Builds

    @EtheriLate answer as I didnt see your post when i checked thread. I had no intention at all to troll. I am borderliner. I read everything, pms/whisps and everything got blurry, was at that time too much input. The part abt AoE/cleansing fire already handled. I totaly forgot about "have to farm dry top", that is my bad and since 8th of feb only Kruppah mentioned this and none thought much of it since then, until it was brought up in most recent days. The mixed stats on "next ele" after taking all input in consideration, as I have been told several times that celestial ele is good overall, was "exotic mini-celestial" (due to time gated 30 days for celestial). But yes, I took what I could read as "are you stupid enough to think AoE/cleansing fire is boongiving to party?" as a form of attack on me, for making one mistake when drunk. I have after that gotten links in PM's here on forum, of which one of those that looked really, really nice and that I would promote. @Rav Mentioning age of game, my response was not meant to be flame I mentioned it for meeting 24th of march, about MineSweeper The health/tankiness overall for ele, was mentioned by for instance Roy and Oni - alongside with other coms - can be interpreted to something like this "I as com rather have alive eles that can drop skills, then eles getting onepushed, meanwhile they learn class/placement, as we do not need that many eles to keep the blob alive" About the cost. If ascended weapon goes for 100 G and ascended armourpart goes for 100 G each, that is 7-9 * 100 = 700-900 G. Then add the cost for being able to craft it (400-500 G all disciplines, but that is a onetime cost) If a person do not have that amount of cash, how to get it? Good thing from @Rav with linking gw2effiency, perhaps player already have the amount needed, but could not see/find it Could become another guide-thread, similar as Trinkets-thread as a player might need to take that into consideration aswell. About overall discussion: Was mentioned alot of times to not use this thread as discussion for a specific build, but rather use another thread for it. Too keep thread clean. But we all had to post 1 more reply, hence why I emptied the first post, as we later would have moved over to engi/scrapper, thief/daredevil, ranger/druid and/or herald/healald, then a few posts about warrior/berserkers, then guardians, a few posts about mesmers, then a few pages about necros... and reroll back to ele. When Freakshow asked to not have "his" thread posted in - people respected that. Myself could not even respect my own wishes, so I am to blame aswell.
  8. Starter Builds

    On the sheet I see the reapers/warriors, I didn' t click links to check actual builds. My bad. From original post If you want to go for current ascended prefered builds directly, do not hesitate (that do not have all classes): Guardian - The bulk of the meleeorin HoT: Exotic version of current official build: Celestial Versions (no matter what class). Notice that weapons are still celestial ascended but gear is different, as it takes 30 days to get material needed, and IF go full celestial, we recommend you go ascended (full crafting or upgrade with Anthology of Heroes) due to the daily time-gated Charged Quartz Crystal: Non-HoT (guardian): We recommend either Hoelbrak, Trooper or Melandru but as runes, weapons, amulet + backpiece and the vital synergy with rest of group functions best with HoT, we strongly suggest you get HoT. Healranger Condiranger Healdruid 4 thieves/daredevil builds (sneaky venoms/ghost thief/normal daredevil/tag it all) Herald (maruader, not the actual cheapest version as that is 3 pieces Soldier, 3 pieces Berserker) Healald .............................. I have been asked several times over celestial gear, how to get it and if it was possible to make similar but with other gear. Yes it is possible, if do so on the gear, but lower stats but when other highranked wvw players have went/goes: fully ascended celestial for engi, ele, warrior, guardian then a few of those players have skipped to do wvw when those players are in vicinity/on ts due to how salty the situation have become. How to make gold? Play TP, play pve (lake doric hearts/leather farm, Auric Basin Meta, fractals), do dailies, use correct reward track (meanwhile you farm for tokens for some of the trinkets...). Knowledge about all this doesnt come easy and when the player is logged in on the borderland - provide it a link to a 700-1k gold build or something it can buy insta and still enjoy WvW and group benefits until it have crafted/gotten/bought the top-build? If it even is interested in actual playing of WvW? Do we even know how many actually run those builds that me and others made? How many run ezbuilds or official builds - not that many as we think. The official stance on what Hap asked in another thread is, we as server are running official builds, and in end it becomes official builds, ez builds, or "own"-builds (provided by guild, metabattle, variation of previous mentioned builds or this build always worked for me). Our current strategy on the field is meleeball, pirateship or mixed. I don' t like crafting due to 3 mayor reasons 1 ) I always forget which of my chars can craft what, so it takes time = I loose interest 2 ) Weaponsmith can't make all weapons, some weapons are artificier/huntsman 3 ) Some things are timegated and I do not login every day/feel like craft (I can think and have it planned when I login I am gonna do it, then I press B and/or chat is active and "oops, another day without crafting" went by ) When I want to craft/make a set, I wanna do it NOW! Usually I end up sorting stuff on chars so they have space to craft and empty bank to be able to move the stuff around. Due to not being able to "instacraft it" I dont have celestial gear unless it drops in my lap - when I remember to do daily homeinstance and craft those timegated stuff, I dont have them with me, as they are needed to be in inventory (at least it was like that) And, from my knowledge, alot of players have this issue - they need to be reminded about "work on your ascended gear". Players are usually also really fast in: you get those things on this map, only have to farm it a few hours. or the one I love: You GOT those really easy during "farm this pve-event that happened 2 months ago" @Rav You mentioned age of game. Do you have competitive time (worldclass) on any level of MineSweeper? If not, why do you even start computer?
  9. Starter Builds

    The 2k gold build is slightly overexagurated (spelling?), but go mace/shield/axe/horn/gs/hammer/dagger/focus and you pretty much cover all classes - almost... if meta uses same stats. 100-130 G for each weapon - current meta for one of my favs (Guardians) - mace/shield, gs/hammer/staff Add armor for about 90-120 G a piece , Sigils on weapons - from a few goldcoins to 50 G. Food/nourishment - accountbound that makes the cost be roughly 2G/hour - if remembered to craft it AND get it to char that needs it. 2 days old instabuy official guardian 749 G vs 102 G Condi Necro (Poisonus Corrupter) was about 20 G (for both HoT and Non-HoT) - 1 (ONE!! ) Trailblazer Insignia EXOTIC 40 G (Pahua's Trailblazer's Insignia 80-85) So, for arguments sake, you as a new player to guardian, are on EB, for resetfights, - access to TP + Bank. Go... Gear it up. Same can go for some time during primetime, every borderland had 30-40 Q. Ofc, overall we would all benefit if all had legendary weapons/ascended gear/correct runes/sigils and used food/nourishment.
  10. Starter Builds

    And the overhaul was made, but ppl still had to keep on flaming, disregarding the request to stop links to tons of builds/talks abt which trait for ele is better then another. For that we have several other threads. I guess Ez do not play with engineers, nor scrappers, nor necros. Nor berserkers either. Oh, a healdruid that looks almost same as the healranger + healdruid that was in this thread, long before it was added to Ez-builds. What came from Ez (besides the banter and input) was Regi´s Healald (which, if wanna go really cheap/we can´t craft in WvW with 60+Q to bl - go badges with cleric gear). I see the benefit of 700-2k gold builds. That is why I have exotic armour. I own abt 400 gold, then I could ofc sell mats/craft when I feel like it... but which class and on which server do I wanna play today? Hence the token builds. Cheapest for those that are new, that perhaps do not want to spend 2k G on a class and playstyle they dont like. Those cheap bastards, like me, do not play or do stuff that benefit the group/server. And if we would do, then we get a several houndred gold build thrown in faces, alongside with several pages of semiflaming/critisism/elitism. But how do you even get this person involved to evolve? How do you get the signet players (like ranger, necro, guardian, warrior) to perhaps use something more useful for both them and entire group? Shoove your opinion down throat abt Go ascended with this build or go off... or communicate with them one by one? Shitloads of players are mostly "i am gonna do daily, then head off". You learn this from raiding/commanding 16 h daily and later on when do casual wvw. Latest overhaul I did became celestial staff ele, but then it was more important to point out with a "this skill - WHY?! Are you retard" instead of send me a pm. Trooper runes there was to benfit from healthpool, and easily change over to tempest if staff/rangedstyle wasnt your thing. So in conclusion to all this, and to end my theorycrafting and stepping down in PS... They are still available but will not go public for your fun to flame/grow own ego as the petty childs we acted like.
  11. Starter Builds

    No, i did not read it. nad omg... In a drunk state I wrote wrong. Bring out the torch. Let us burn Brio. Brio did WRONG! BURN HIM! BURN! BURN! BURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For fuck sake. get a fucking grip or get the fuck off forum/server. Your fucking post and attitude do not help anybody, least yourself. I do what you "Intelligent people" wants. Now feel fucking free to do ALL the job yourselves, and get peeps together and actually test&try/ply the builds YOU will fucking make..
  12. Starter Builds

    Atm, preparing for drunk raid, i am not sure what I respond to. If it is really old build, semiold build or new. Honestly. Cleansing Fire give boons to other random casuals in your party. AoE - yes, stronk stunbreaker +boongiver, longer time. And from what GvG/wvW focused players told me: If need that, then enemy is pressing to hard and/or you getting no boons from rest in party/you are in wrong positon. And from what can gather from any ele/tempest thread on any forum, all about placement. Both skills are still viable, even during short time of testing. ((a BIG if... we could all play fully totaly DPS, IF positioning ourselves correctly - so why even bother with builds/boons? Might/Fury - we all ready to go! Bomb... ))
  13. Starter Builds

    A few that played ele since beta, in GvG/WvW oriented guilds. Thread will remain open and most likely get title changed to "Discussion abt..." Edit: Overhauled alot. (sarcasm mode on) Feel free to give input back in thread (sarcasm-mode off)
  14. [HoB] March Mutli-PoVs 1080p 60fps

    * keeps on humming* It´s raining Hobs... bags... MEN!!
  15. Starter Builds

    These are not MY builds, they are made with input from others and combined theorycrafting. Cheap and viable. Valkyrie not available in wvw/karma. If go badge staff ele, then people will say Full berserker. then we are stuck in loop - give new player advice to play totaly 1shotted squishes that gets shouted on ts to Push that choke... and try learn/have fun? then we come back to more tanky eles and the circle is complete. Your suggested build even uses Armor of Earth instead of Cleansing Fire, the eles I mostly talked builds with would say: If use AoE, go home. But ofc, it is a good viable choice and I rather have ppl try staff ele for first few times and be able to place themselves and skills where they are most effective. Due to boredom,first post big edited.