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  1. From all of US... rest of WvW that do not read this. We wish you Merry Wintersdays and Happy New Year I reached out in greeting way and from all other servers and guilds, we on Piken, are wished Merry Wintersday, Holidays and New Year!
  2. I am guildleader of PTSD.
  3. I hereby, officially and publicly, state that PTSD do not condone Support Ticket-behaviour (spamming) but alas stand behind the petition to open up Piken for, at least guildies that was in guilds based on Piken, prior to previous relink. Edit: I forgot to state clearly and bold that this thread is visible to all that visit
  4. ODIN

    Problem gene-rating blob busting skillz

    Lads and Pike vibes. I can attend, but full on guilds. I would put scourge higher up in order. Like top1. They are the big mass of melee.
  6. [HoB] March Mutli-PoVs 1080p 60fps

    * keeps on humming* It´s raining Hobs... bags... MEN!!
  7. Piken Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a mental disorder that can develop after a player is exposed to a traumatic event, such as reading posts on, joining squad and TS, instawipe from enemy, or other threats to a players´s playstyle.

    We are currently recruit from all that fit in

  8. [ONYX] Nil Admirari

    We are running low on apples. As all know One apple a day keeps doc holiday (Roy) away from server. HELP US!!
  9. Yo

    Still missing your gift :o

    I was gonna ask for ya ingame name, but I can see here its pong.6572, so ya are added now.

    So lets get down to business!

    Ya can choose anything for 800gems in the gemstore, just answer me here or ingame and I will gift it to you :)