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  1. Lag issues - Solutions

    Not sure what is in your computer? Windows built-in kinda sucks, either shows too little... or too much Start it and then Edit - Copy - Copy System Information (summary). I am not sure if you need to actually run a test, but I do not think so. Open up Notepad, paste it in and save it on "easy access location" Will look something like this Operating System: CPU Type: Number of CPUs: Cores per CPU: Hyperthreading: Motherboard: Memory: Videocard: Hard Drive: Windows visual effects Turn them down to basic, you are not interested in a fancy desktop while playing, you are focused on getting those lootbags. Control Panel - System and Security - System - Advanced In the popup - Click Performance Settings - Adjust for best performance - Press OK Cluttered desktop (on computer) Clean it, do not save files directly on desktop (a few small ones are not a problem) Files stored on the desktop slow down the computer’s overall operation. Not drastically, but some. Disk cleanup Cleaning out your PC on a regular basis frees up drive space and helps it run better. One of the easiest ways to clean up files you no longer need is by using Disk Cleanup. Open Disk Cleanup by clicking the Start button . In the search box, type Disk Cleanup, and then, in the list of results, select Disk Cleanup. If prompted, select the drive that you want to clean up, and then select OK. In the Disk Cleanup dialog box in the Description section, select Clean up system files. If prompted, select the drive that you want to clean up, and then select OK. In the Disk Cleanup dialog box, on the Disk Cleanup tab, select the check boxes for the file types that you want to delete, and then select OK. To remove data from a previous installation of Windows, select the Previous Windows installation(s) check box. In the message that appears, select Delete files.
  2. Lag issues - Solutions

    Your problem seems hardware related. If you are running Win8 or Win10 Updated by MicroSoft, then it is so called userbased related problem Usually resolved by clean install of Windows (and not 8 ) Game loads all data available on approx 6k range (they lowered it from 8k range to so called fix lag issues) Health on harddrive - Check with PassMark DiskCheckup (Free for personal use) or CrystalDiskInfo (OpenSource) Low and/or bad RAM. - Check with MemTest86 Set a fixed size of Virtual Memory can also be a solution. Heat - Dusty comp? Unplug and use compressed air to clean it out. Do not use vacuumcleaner or own breath (too much moist)
  3. As I tend to hear "I am six feet tall" and similar sounds from peoples speakers when we are about to start fight enemy, and then hear/read that people have lag, it is not always serverside. Most of times it is player/clientbased that makes it so it takes us 2-3 sec to react to what is happening, if people even have time to react besides "I am downed/Pls res/WTF did just happen?". Even on "Swift on tag, moving out in ... 3... 2... 1... Go" - and there was the 2-3k long tail, again. And it will happen 20-30 sec later. (to be fair and honest, even hardcore GvG guilds have those tails, but ALOT shorter and if called for go compact/regroup, they do it faster WHEN they are in a guildraid AND focused up) * Less lag (visual, brain and/or computerwise) TS-settings (if have a real soundcard with own cpu or depending on motherboard, all settings might not be helpful for you) Tools - Settings - Application - Channel Subscription behaviour - Only current channel (now you will only see and get intel in Serverlog of those ppl that joins/leaves channel you currently reside in, instead of EVERYONE of 300-400 users that logs in, joins/leaves a channel) Tools - Settings - Playback - Sound pack volume - -40 db (Quiet/silent) Tools - Settings - Design - Channel Tree - Expand own channel Tools - Settings - Design - Untick country flag on clients Tools - Settings - Notification - Sound Pack - Sounds deactivated Run soundchecks. 5-10 sec for each user that will use mic. Are people that get overtalked by others, or scoutreports gets so called ignored due to people not able to hear them. GW2 Delete local.dat if have long loading times when changing maps/waypointing (this will reset your graphic settings, but not keybinds) Defragment harddrive with other application then Windows builtin shiet, if not using SSD/m2 - then there is no need for Defrag (above point with local.dat still applies thou) Run game, on properties of the shortcut, with parameters -nosound -clientport 443 Turn all soundbars to 0 Fastest sound (lower quality, more DPS... i mean FPS) Untick all playersounds Burst off all skills to CD when gathering up, they will then load from harddrive to ram, instead of have to do so when enemy jump you/battle starts Detoggle minis (they do not stealth, they still do not do it) Lowest comfortable settings for your eyes (reach for the ugliest possible game experience visually, too see all that fancy loot come in) Maxed zoomed out view and camera a bit above head (while maxed zoomed out, this is about same you get when have maxed zoomed in and people drop skills on same spot, but now you actually SEE what happens around you, otherwise you are standing in tons of aoe/effects that you after 1-2 sec notice... are enemy - oops) Minimap, maxed zoomed in. Quick access to snacks/weapons/sieges used (put them where you know they will so called always be) Visible things in your chatwindow - Squad, party, say, whisper, map. For everything else there are Chatscouts, 5 min breaks, and MasterCard. Salvage on the go and deposit mats. Learn to keep those frakking blinking chests blinking and lootbags closed until breaks (no, playing in a TS-only squad, standing at a gate with supplies on unfinished buildsite is NOT a break, that is Courtmartial materials), we as group, are not interested 5 sec before clash with a blob if you had an exotic drop, or you need to "clean inventory" due to open chests/bags. (and if you do so, own up and stand for it, and change behaviour) Partyview when in Squads Get comfortable with hogging same X, Y and Z coordinates with other avatars and really hug them, it is not you as real life person that is hugging other people (of different color, race, gender, age, advantages, political, religious, sexual orientation and whatnot). Network/computerwise Close all applications not needed for play gw2 wvw-style - No, you do not need FB app on desktop hogging resources, not 30 tabs in browsers either (if log utilization you will notice that those things do hog resources, more then you think) Make sure you have latest stable drivers/updates for computer Run on networkcable QoS - disable on computers and router. QoS by defualt on Win "reserve" 10-30 %, router about the same. And it reserve from maximum download/upload (Worst case scenario, if have 100/100 mbit, you get from router to computer 70/70, then computer-QoS kicks in and reserve 30%, leaving you with 40/40. ) Make sure your gamerig is hooked up in port1 of router (some routers prioritize port1 even if it is not in use) Disable ipv6 on computers/devices and internally on router, 99,99999% of players do not need it enabled. Use other DNS then the one that ISP provides (need to clear/flush dns cache, usually alot of times) Should not be a need for Killer Nic Edited Point: Complain to ISP that TELEVISION is stuttering, and laggy, not watchable when you (or someone in your household) are trying to browse internet. They tend to boost up download/ul then because television gives them money. (How I know this? Done it several times when supported people. Have not had to do so for myself atm, but I have 320/130 mbit, when using 10-20 mbit for UL... on 250/100) Skill lag (not caused by server) Do not use mousepointer to click skills, use hotkey (those can reside on mouse). Why? Shortly, game uses a screenreader to see if you "used a skill", then send that signal to cpu, that put in in skill-order/stuff to react to, then it sends it to server (now using your network) and to screen (using your gpu). With hotkey, the screen-reader part is skipped. --- To sum it up, changes of settings can improve your experience of the game. These suggested changes have helped players for years. You probably will not become a hardcore GW2-legend that is sponsored by using those settings, but they will improve overall experience and survivability, for both you and your team.
  4. Starter Builds

    @Etheri I do not have a single pm from you regarding the build. You whispered me ingame, when I had small pneumathorax on left side (that is selfhealing broken/busted lung). I whisped you that I had problems breathing and was in pain, you still thought we should talk builds and I should do this, do that - when most I could focus on was breathing to stay alive. I asked if you could PM the talk on forum and yes, that you could. You made a post. You did not even read entire thread before post. And you still have not pm-ed me regarding the build. ............... I have not checked cost for gear, but posting the builds one last time, then I will check them closely, each and every one of them. In my time. Have opinion about a specific build? Use SEND MESSAGE option or write in own thread about "build x"
  5. Starter Builds

    I linked , as mentioned, to official piken builds. If you feel there is lack of proper ele-builds there, turn to community and bring it up during a meeting/pm Freakshow/post in his thread. In this thread there was earlier glasscannon, that was not all happy about, so build changed. There have been several changes during how all classes was supposed to be played overall (we all go snowball, pirateship, balanced, frontline/backline). And today we have melee + range squads. 2 different tags, 2 different playstyles - but the new player should be knowledgable enough, as game is soon 5 years, to be able to play/sustain all versions, otherwise go some tanky class, edge or back to pve. When I ask for input in pm, then people post in thread. Stone Heart was added, removed, re-added and removed. It was still not only me involved in making the builds, I made the post. Blame me for how bad every other players have played and still stays 1500 range behind tag. It is also my fault Piken open raid tails 6k - 10k. Everything is my fault, because my post did not provide a build that YOU alone approved. Some peoples understanding of others are really embarrassing. And you have reached my limit on how much I take.
  6. Starter Builds

    @EtheriLate answer as I didnt see your post when i checked thread. I had no intention at all to troll. I am borderliner. I read everything, pms/whisps and everything got blurry, was at that time too much input. The part abt AoE/cleansing fire already handled. I totaly forgot about "have to farm dry top", that is my bad and since 8th of feb only Kruppah mentioned this and none thought much of it since then, until it was brought up in most recent days. The mixed stats on "next ele" after taking all input in consideration, as I have been told several times that celestial ele is good overall, was "exotic mini-celestial" (due to time gated 30 days for celestial). But yes, I took what I could read as "are you stupid enough to think AoE/cleansing fire is boongiving to party?" as a form of attack on me, for making one mistake when drunk. I have after that gotten links in PM's here on forum, of which one of those that looked really, really nice and that I would promote. @Rav Mentioning age of game, my response was not meant to be flame I mentioned it for meeting 24th of march, about MineSweeper The health/tankiness overall for ele, was mentioned by for instance Roy and Oni - alongside with other coms - can be interpreted to something like this "I as com rather have alive eles that can drop skills, then eles getting onepushed, meanwhile they learn class/placement, as we do not need that many eles to keep the blob alive" About the cost. If ascended weapon goes for 100 G and ascended armourpart goes for 100 G each, that is 7-9 * 100 = 700-900 G. Then add the cost for being able to craft it (400-500 G all disciplines, but that is a onetime cost) If a person do not have that amount of cash, how to get it? Good thing from @Rav with linking gw2effiency, perhaps player already have the amount needed, but could not see/find it Could become another guide-thread, similar as Trinkets-thread as a player might need to take that into consideration aswell. About overall discussion: Was mentioned alot of times to not use this thread as discussion for a specific build, but rather use another thread for it. Too keep thread clean. But we all had to post 1 more reply, hence why I emptied the first post, as we later would have moved over to engi/scrapper, thief/daredevil, ranger/druid and/or herald/healald, then a few posts about warrior/berserkers, then guardians, a few posts about mesmers, then a few pages about necros... and reroll back to ele. When Freakshow asked to not have "his" thread posted in - people respected that. Myself could not even respect my own wishes, so I am to blame aswell.
  7. Starter Builds

    On the sheet I see the reapers/warriors, I didn' t click links to check actual builds. My bad. From original post If you want to go for current ascended prefered builds directly, do not hesitate (that do not have all classes): Guardian - The bulk of the meleeorin HoT: Exotic version of current official build: Celestial Versions (no matter what class). Notice that weapons are still celestial ascended but gear is different, as it takes 30 days to get material needed, and IF go full celestial, we recommend you go ascended (full crafting or upgrade with Anthology of Heroes) due to the daily time-gated Charged Quartz Crystal: Non-HoT (guardian): We recommend either Hoelbrak, Trooper or Melandru but as runes, weapons, amulet + backpiece and the vital synergy with rest of group functions best with HoT, we strongly suggest you get HoT. Healranger Condiranger Healdruid 4 thieves/daredevil builds (sneaky venoms/ghost thief/normal daredevil/tag it all) Herald (maruader, not the actual cheapest version as that is 3 pieces Soldier, 3 pieces Berserker) Healald .............................. I have been asked several times over celestial gear, how to get it and if it was possible to make similar but with other gear. Yes it is possible, if do so on the gear, but lower stats but when other highranked wvw players have went/goes: fully ascended celestial for engi, ele, warrior, guardian then a few of those players have skipped to do wvw when those players are in vicinity/on ts due to how salty the situation have become. How to make gold? Play TP, play pve (lake doric hearts/leather farm, Auric Basin Meta, fractals), do dailies, use correct reward track (meanwhile you farm for tokens for some of the trinkets...). Knowledge about all this doesnt come easy and when the player is logged in on the borderland - provide it a link to a 700-1k gold build or something it can buy insta and still enjoy WvW and group benefits until it have crafted/gotten/bought the top-build? If it even is interested in actual playing of WvW? Do we even know how many actually run those builds that me and others made? How many run ezbuilds or official builds - not that many as we think. The official stance on what Hap asked in another thread is, we as server are running official builds, and in end it becomes official builds, ez builds, or "own"-builds (provided by guild, metabattle, variation of previous mentioned builds or this build always worked for me). Our current strategy on the field is meleeball, pirateship or mixed. I don' t like crafting due to 3 mayor reasons 1 ) I always forget which of my chars can craft what, so it takes time = I loose interest 2 ) Weaponsmith can't make all weapons, some weapons are artificier/huntsman 3 ) Some things are timegated and I do not login every day/feel like craft (I can think and have it planned when I login I am gonna do it, then I press B and/or chat is active and "oops, another day without crafting" went by ) When I want to craft/make a set, I wanna do it NOW! Usually I end up sorting stuff on chars so they have space to craft and empty bank to be able to move the stuff around. Due to not being able to "instacraft it" I dont have celestial gear unless it drops in my lap - when I remember to do daily homeinstance and craft those timegated stuff, I dont have them with me, as they are needed to be in inventory (at least it was like that) And, from my knowledge, alot of players have this issue - they need to be reminded about "work on your ascended gear". Players are usually also really fast in: you get those things on this map, only have to farm it a few hours. or the one I love: You GOT those really easy during "farm this pve-event that happened 2 months ago" @Rav You mentioned age of game. Do you have competitive time (worldclass) on any level of MineSweeper? If not, why do you even start computer?
  8. Starter Builds

    The 2k gold build is slightly overexagurated (spelling?), but go mace/shield/axe/horn/gs/hammer/dagger/focus and you pretty much cover all classes - almost... if meta uses same stats. 100-130 G for each weapon - current meta for one of my favs (Guardians) - mace/shield, gs/hammer/staff Add armor for about 90-120 G a piece , Sigils on weapons - from a few goldcoins to 50 G. Food/nourishment - accountbound that makes the cost be roughly 2G/hour - if remembered to craft it AND get it to char that needs it. 2 days old instabuy official guardian 749 G vs 102 G Condi Necro (Poisonus Corrupter) was about 20 G (for both HoT and Non-HoT) - 1 (ONE!! ) Trailblazer Insignia EXOTIC 40 G (Pahua's Trailblazer's Insignia 80-85) So, for arguments sake, you as a new player to guardian, are on EB, for resetfights, - access to TP + Bank. Go... Gear it up. Same can go for some time during primetime, every borderland had 30-40 Q. Ofc, overall we would all benefit if all had legendary weapons/ascended gear/correct runes/sigils and used food/nourishment.
  9. Starter Builds

    And the overhaul was made, but ppl still had to keep on flaming, disregarding the request to stop links to tons of builds/talks abt which trait for ele is better then another. For that we have several other threads. I guess Ez do not play with engineers, nor scrappers, nor necros. Nor berserkers either. Oh, a healdruid that looks almost same as the healranger + healdruid that was in this thread, long before it was added to Ez-builds. What came from Ez (besides the banter and input) was Regi´s Healald (which, if wanna go really cheap/we can´t craft in WvW with 60+Q to bl - go badges with cleric gear). I see the benefit of 700-2k gold builds. That is why I have exotic armour. I own abt 400 gold, then I could ofc sell mats/craft when I feel like it... but which class and on which server do I wanna play today? Hence the token builds. Cheapest for those that are new, that perhaps do not want to spend 2k G on a class and playstyle they dont like. Those cheap bastards, like me, do not play or do stuff that benefit the group/server. And if we would do, then we get a several houndred gold build thrown in faces, alongside with several pages of semiflaming/critisism/elitism. But how do you even get this person involved to evolve? How do you get the signet players (like ranger, necro, guardian, warrior) to perhaps use something more useful for both them and entire group? Shoove your opinion down throat abt Go ascended with this build or go off... or communicate with them one by one? Shitloads of players are mostly "i am gonna do daily, then head off". You learn this from raiding/commanding 16 h daily and later on when do casual wvw. Latest overhaul I did became celestial staff ele, but then it was more important to point out with a "this skill - WHY?! Are you retard" instead of send me a pm. Trooper runes there was to benfit from healthpool, and easily change over to tempest if staff/rangedstyle wasnt your thing. So in conclusion to all this, and to end my theorycrafting and stepping down in PS... They are still available but will not go public for your fun to flame/grow own ego as the petty childs we acted like.
  10. Starter Builds

    No, i did not read it. nad omg... In a drunk state I wrote wrong. Bring out the torch. Let us burn Brio. Brio did WRONG! BURN HIM! BURN! BURN! BURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For fuck sake. get a fucking grip or get the fuck off forum/server. Your fucking post and attitude do not help anybody, least yourself. I do what you "Intelligent people" wants. Now feel fucking free to do ALL the job yourselves, and get peeps together and actually test&try/ply the builds YOU will fucking make..
  11. Starter Builds

    Atm, preparing for drunk raid, i am not sure what I respond to. If it is really old build, semiold build or new. Honestly. Cleansing Fire give boons to other random casuals in your party. AoE - yes, stronk stunbreaker +boongiver, longer time. And from what GvG/wvW focused players told me: If need that, then enemy is pressing to hard and/or you getting no boons from rest in party/you are in wrong positon. And from what can gather from any ele/tempest thread on any forum, all about placement. Both skills are still viable, even during short time of testing. ((a BIG if... we could all play fully totaly DPS, IF positioning ourselves correctly - so why even bother with builds/boons? Might/Fury - we all ready to go! Bomb... ))
  12. Starter Builds

    A few that played ele since beta, in GvG/WvW oriented guilds. Thread will remain open and most likely get title changed to "Discussion abt..." Edit: Overhauled alot. (sarcasm mode on) Feel free to give input back in thread (sarcasm-mode off)
  13. [HoB] March Mutli-PoVs 1080p 60fps

    * keeps on humming* It´s raining Hobs... bags... MEN!!
  14. Starter Builds

    These are not MY builds, they are made with input from others and combined theorycrafting. Cheap and viable. Valkyrie not available in wvw/karma. If go badge staff ele, then people will say Full berserker. then we are stuck in loop - give new player advice to play totaly 1shotted squishes that gets shouted on ts to Push that choke... and try learn/have fun? then we come back to more tanky eles and the circle is complete. Your suggested build even uses Armor of Earth instead of Cleansing Fire, the eles I mostly talked builds with would say: If use AoE, go home. But ofc, it is a good viable choice and I rather have ppl try staff ele for first few times and be able to place themselves and skills where they are most effective. Due to boredom,first post big edited.
  15. Starter Builds

    My bad overall. I will go over all builds (totaly forgot guardian uses dura) and meanwhile pray for pain and coughing to calm down (so I can do the same). Marauder do not need HoT so prolly that is why Dura got stuck in guardian-build. Besides it being so Meta... Dura runes on ele, becomes for me Tempest aura share - rest is traitchanges. I guess cost for most builds have or will go up, while some are really cheap in comparison (druid/ranger for instance, is 8G 44S + 1412 badges of horror for gear/weapon), but require "farm some pve" (like nomad/minstrel trinkets/rings/amulet), but for trinkets/rings/amulet - I point towards that post. Edit: This thread getting a bit long and less informative then purpose of it.