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  1. PS Revenant Build (Public Zerg, Melee)

    I tried the last two weeks to run without Dragon stance (Dwarf/Mallyx) and tbh I just don't miss it. The boons I create are also shared from my guardians I run with with the exception of Fury. However since I leave that stance out of my rotation I do much more often use the skills from the other two stances. I also tried out to run permanently the F2 ability and my conclusion is in order to fill the energy gap I swap all 10 seconds my stances. Just sometimes I'm in the wrong stance at the wrong time.
  2. PS Revenant Build (Public Zerg, Melee)

    When I want to run Mallyx do I simply swap with a given stance or is that cuppled with a change in traits too? As for stances used a friend told me to use dwarf/mallyx and run the 50% boon duration facet permanently. What is the current view/development on the melee herald?
  3. War Legend Community fights on Piken

    nice zerg busting ;-)
  4. PS Revenant Build (Public Zerg, Ranged)

    There your go:
  5. Frontline DH and AH Guardian Builds

    I would have just a question towards the Valor trait choice Strength of the Fallen. Wouldn't it be better to use Smiters Boon? It removes 2 condis and has an aoe damage component (20 sec. CD) vs. 1 condi removal all 10 secs.
  6. Frontline DH and AH Guardian Builds

    I don't think Oni needs to test those builds
  7. Frontline Herald

    Thank you Kaito, excactly what I needed. There are so many options for Heralds to play with (which is good I think). One question I would have is do you more or less camp dragon stance or do you switch it regulary? The 50% damage reduction from rite of the great dwarf is nice but I find myself often without my "panic button" Facet of Light right when I need it.
  8. Frontline Herald you linked the empty editor
  9. Frontline Herald

    I don't think we will change the way we buffing before a push just because of Revenants mace Not realy lack of firefields in zergs. Hammer has also 2 blasts and a ranged knockdown and in times of pirateship I wouldn't like to miss a ranged weapon. You linked my build btw You would only get might stacks on your team if you would use Shared Empowerment instead of Harmonize Continuity and facet of strength is not a skill I'm letting run. I usualy run Facet of Nature, Facet of Elements and Facet of Darkness. AOE stun break or AOE Might....I think Empower from those 2 guards should take care of Might.
  10. Skasx Guardian build

    Healing power scaling: Shelter 70% (4.555 HP 0; 4905 HP 500) Virtue of Resolve 75% (1.625 HP 0; 2000 HP 500) Detonate Orb of Light 60% (788 HP 0; 1088 HP 500) Empower 100% (1500 HP 0; 2000 HP 500) Altruistic Healing 1% (69 HP 0; 74 HP 500) Selfless Daring 100% (129 HP 0; 629 HP 500) If I would replace Wanderer with Minstrel stats on armor and staff I would have 591 Healing Power but would lose 2660 health and 591 Power. Maybe a mix of armor and trinkets (Nomad) would be a match. I just don't think that healing power is such a good stat when it's basicaly coming down to selfless daring only.
  11. Frontline Herald

    This is more a question then a guide. How would a basic frontline Herald look like? I can see different aproaches and don't realy know what would contribute the most to group play. This is more directed to zerg play then small scale. Example build: Retribution and Herald traitline would be set as fixed for me. Not realy sure about Empwowering Vengeance (Might on struck under Retaliation) or Versed in stone (Rite of the Great Dwarf). I like Harmonize Continuity (aoe stun break --> facet of darkness, rite of the great dwarf) on Herald trait line. Devastation traitline: big plus is Assassine's Presence and Dismantle Fortifications (Staff #5) Invocation: yet another stun break (Empty Vessel, when invoking a legend) but the rest feels lackluster Corruption: condi trait line, would only use it with Legendary Demon Stance. Would open up aoe resistance, boon stripping and condi absorption. I tried it out with mace/axe but had some problems getting rid of those absorbed conditions and damage was lowish. Maybe with Dire amor instead of power setup? I realy like the mace and it's potential tripple blast though. Sadly it isn't a power weapon. Salvation: Sorry, I'm not realy into moving tablets around and Ventari Stance wasn't my cup of tea. What would be your approach? Dwarfen Stance damage reduction/aoe stun break line or more like aoe resistance/boon stripping/condi absorption? Using something else then Hammer/Staff? Or should I bury the idea of frontline herald in the first place and stick to zerker backline herald?
  12. Skasx Guardian build

    When on Guardian I'm running the same as Skasx but with Wanderer armor instead of Soldier. Combined with that mussels food I'm getting to 50% boon duration. We sadly don't have too many Revenants to fill the other 50% to reach 100%. I also like to run with Dragonhunter and replace Valor with it. It fits good with hammer (mobility via Wings of resolve) but it's losing a bit of sustain (no AH). I'm switching utility skills when needed (Wall of reflection) and add more tanky trinkets against full map blobs (or adding more zerker vs. Drakkar....)