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  1. [YSG] - Youtubers Senza Gloria

    YSG - Youtubers Senza Gloria is an Italian guild with 300+ members listed with head on Piken Square. We are a Community Network of Youtube and Twitch, active on social network since 2016, we have 1.500 people on Facebook and over 500 on multigaming. All Piken players are welcome to the Raids. We have an expanding Guild headquarters and everyone can contribute to improve it! The official WvW days are Monday and Thursday each week. We have our Discord channel, the main language is Italian. The Guild Leader is LordLucanix.9270 Ours is a PVX Guild, we organize events in every activity of the game: PVE,PVP, RAID and WvW! The Represent is recommended. Guild Mission starts every Thursday and Friday at GM's discretion. The use of Discord is recommended to get to know and play together Our Commanders in WvW: LordLucanix.9270 - Maia.7890 - nonnoanselmo.1734 - kurosy.1384 - LadyEighties.2135 - NaramSin.2693 - Lindos.1509 For more information contact me LordLucanix.9270 in game, Lucanix91 [CZAR]#5138 (on Discord)