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  1. Breached the 100 member mark. Successful power recruiting over the last 3 weeks. Still open for more members.

  2. Melee DD Tempest v0.2

    working quite nice, could prolly use bit more offensive trinkets.
    stability required.

    most difficult part is to stop stubborn people from dragging you into range parties.

  3. I've tested that one on staff ele and it was absoulte shit
  4. Quick suggestion: Clerics or Celestial staff over Soldier staff for even stronger heals. That was at least the standard back then (already one year ago, wow) in TA. What do you think about it, Oni?
  5. Skasx Guardian build

    Who do so many guardians not use any healing power? I'd like to know the reason for this.
  6. Some of my thoughts on this: As Ele/Tempest we're still in the comfortable situation that there are many possible variations around the same base. In situations like this week against the massie FSP blobs with pirateship in siege range I absolutely prefer the oldschool arcane-Ele over tempest, cause you hardly can't go close enough to make optimal use of your overloads or shouts. In general it looks like you would want an organized range/ele group to make full use of the potential of this tempest build. Since it's Chemsos gear you can be pretty sure that it's well thought-out. However I personally find it a bit vitality-heavy and I prefer to run with a bit less vitality but more toughness in exchange. Also I have to admit that I don't get why you would use these runes over strength. Maybe it would become clear after doing some calculations? Just for comparison, this (or sth similar) is what I run most times atm: Link
  7. Starter Builds

    I did not make anything for metabattle nor have ever talked to anyone from that page, they just linked my video (and not even the one with the better gameplay, lol) I didn't want to attack you or the work you've done here in any way, just in case you've understood my post wrong. It's ofc important to keep it simple (and cheap) for those who are supposed to be the audience for this. It's just about that the thought of recommending newer players to run full zerk in wvw really fills me with fear.
  8. Starter Builds

    I really don't want to start arguing here, cause I guess it's not what this thread is made for, but PLEASE: these are supposed to be starter builds. do you really want to tell starters to run full zerker? they'll be nothing but the rallybots that you don't want to have in your blob. vampirism runes are no replacement for well balanced gear. I could link you some of the old TA builds from april if you want. those might not the cheapest and maybe don't fit the upcoming HoT meta, but we all know they were pretty good, since there was a lot of calculation invested to find the best stat values.
  9. Bratfish Undercover [KoA] recruitment started again.