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  1. Server links and registering concern

    I feel your pain on the server for this matter as I am trying to get into piken and have the pain from the outside. I have watched all other servers open up and waited for the relink to join the linked server. No link yikes. All other servers being open recently and getting massive boosts from it.. yikes. It does seem very unfair for piken and I am not just saying this because I am waiting to move.. you have lost 4 places through no fault of your own and are having to work overtime against the matchups for the next 2 months. This whole situation is very sour. I am still stuck on N/A server Sanctum of Rall
  2. As someone waiting to get on Piken and annoyed at piken not getting linked I added my comment., I have been watching while whiteside and underworld have been opened for transfer. It seems unfair piken has not yet been opened, is unlinked and getting hammered on stats for wvw activity. That said you did a bloody good job of coming second in last weeks matchup to whiteside who have jumped massively from being open. This weeks matchup is going to be horrible gunnars hold has also made a massive leap from being open recently.. 11th -4 Piken Square --- falling 4 places due to not being linked or open for transfers is a screw you from anet.