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  1. The corona impact!

    Hi Chimpz Duca forwarded your message to all of us. Take care first of all, I hear Nederlands is in a kind of denial mode of the problem, so be very carefull and keep us posted. I miss a lot our night raid and chats... A giant hug to all, Piken is a very special place and has a very special a community, be proud of it and I miss it. Thanks to all and take care, this is not an Italian problem only now, it is going to affect all sooner or later , so please be ready. See you around! Red
  2. Great news for the night crew ! Looking forward to meet you around soon !
  3. Ciao!


    1. Chimpz


      Hi m8 :) i go sleep tried as hard as i could but made no difference!

    2. red loelach

      red loelach

      Hi Champion
      It was a though night, I could stay only to 3:30 (should be 3 , I was late at work) , but it made no difference; at least we took Hamm one time...

      This matchup will be won in the night, or - better - second place between us and germans will depend on nights.
      Hope someone more can support

      See you next night!


    3. Chimpz


      Hey Red :) yes thats all to true! That other new tag he could be very important as ppl need a leader. He was new right?!

      But he needs to learn to communicate with the map&the ppl :)