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    thx every one for support :D
  2. PIKEN SQUARE TRAINING GUILD [PSTG] after talking to many pikeneers and piken commander also seeing many of our blob fights and seeing our blobs get 1 pushed against some servers we saw and decided dat we need a coordinated and ordered training for the server that's why we starting this guild for our why we need patient,expert,try hard,cool people that are willing to train pikeneers in these classes:1-fb,2-rev,3-scourge,4-ele,5-scrapper,6-warrior, we also need all ppl who are willing to get better and improved and be trained.we are also training new commanders.we all doing this for piken we spending time and doing it for free because we like this server and its people and want you to know that this guild belongs to all who like this server.we have nice community but we need some training to make this server a great server in all aspects.we need u all,we need your moral support . the guild isn't 100% represent but those who can would be nice for advertising it.lets make piken great all together. whisper or mail to RAHJOO.6921 or WOLF.9245 to join and more information