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  1. ODIN 07/09/19

  2. ODIN 25/07/2019

    Lootbag Funfest
  3. ODIN

    ODIN recruiting 3 to 4 Dedicated wVw Players that can RAID Mon & Thurs 7pm-9pm (uk time) were looking for Power Rev/ Tempest or mesmers, so if you can run any of those were interested in you, we do regular training sessions (mainly on Thursdays) We also run White Ts Tag only groups almost Every morning as well, which are more casual,as well as reset groups and a number of adhoc groups when needed. We have our own Ts, but try to use Piken's as much as possible, we have a guild discord which is for messaging and discussions, we have tried and tested guild builds for people to work towards. Our rules are simple - a) 100% Rep (in WVW Only) b) Mon/Thurs raid nights IF online ALL raid c) TS Essential for raid nights
  4. Server links and registering concern

    Were 3 days on, and Any Impact that may have effected them to open Piken would have taken place. Time to suck it up and carry on the fight with what we have at our disposal. Good effort by Duckey & Ducca, you tried and well done to those that sent any form of message to anet via ticket or forum. Those players we have adrift, keep checking the link, especially at quiet periods & GL
  5. Server links and registering concern

    Thats ok , Your 1 message won't tip the scales me thinks lols
  6. FSPG got brutalised 7-8 times on this night, AM in split groups got battered into the dirt, then both servers fully blobbed up & although green were easy peasy, blues with CS guild gave us a good run. The Highlight of the Evening was us Purely sustaining under canon fire at FSPG's spawn whilst they continually attacked us from all sides then we broke and wiped them once more GG my WOLVES.
  7. ODIN v Gankdara

    When Gankdara Only wanna fight you under siege, Gankstyle or with 3x your numbers
  8. Fighting on Gandara Map aint easy, but its gotta be done by some one at prime-time baby
  9. A Letter to ArenaNet

    ODIN as a guild, wvw raid a minimum of 9 sessions per week, And we find it extremely frustrating that the server Never has a queue for all maps, even on reset Nights, Yet the out of date algorithm used to identify full servers, states Piken as a Full server. We are server hoping guildies every two months since the beginning of the year at a high cost of gold and wvw ticket loss to each player. We would Urge Anet to re-think how it looks at wvw server population and remove accounts that have Not (nor ever) been in wvw within a 6 month period from the equation relating to what is considered a full population.
  10. What is your Guild up to?

    As Ducca said at the time it was relevant, now we have two guilds extra primetime guilds that can put out 15+ people, and they do open Blue tags (ie- PSTG &PIKE) This has made a massive improvement to the server in terms of co-ordination and training within those guilds. I fully understand your position, And I appreciate the positive that came from that post with the two guilds emerging, as Piken really needed it. These guilds have added value to the server, not detracted it
  11. How to Kill a full blob in Less than 2 mins Ooodin FTW