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  1. What is your Guild up to?

    How Many people do MI field for raids Imrhien?
  2. This is a post i made in reply to an Old post I found in the Guild Leaders section of the forum, the post itself by DOAS (FTW) which was a really good one just over a year ago. I thought i'd copy and paste it here to possibly initialise a debate for the server meeting. Posted yesterday at 12:36 ยท Report post An old post, but a good post. (only just seen/read it) FTW i see about as a group on Weekends, do you guys run midweek raids? Chao - i see a couple of times a week, which is nice. Hvoc - Haven't seen that guild tag about, did they move off server? ICE defo moved off server and either with WSR or their current link. The server seems to have lots of little groups about where i see 2 or 3 people with the same guild tag often, It would be really nice to see them merge and populate 1 or 2 Piken guilds, that can then put out another guild raid group or two, maybe two or three times per week. This would really strengthen the server and be a good way to educate the pugs making them feel part of something with a purpose and a structure. PSTG pings off recruit banners often, not sure how that's doing or what its ultimate objective is in terms of actual raid or ongoing basic training (i got told it had just over 40ppl in it appx a week ago) KISS have decent numbers, ODIN maintains its 75max membership, ARMA have decent numbers. Nuke are always upto secret mischievous stuff. Then you got guilds like Blub, CMON, EXE, GODS, JD, KNOT, Loli, MI, RUN, ScS (There are others listed on the Ts but never see the tags about ever, PS exception) But it would be really good for the server if we could see some of these peeps merging and one of the above becoming a regular raiding group for the server. There are commanders in some of these guilds and they could get together to make it work. Food for thought. ps. sorry if i missed any active guilds or low populated guilds.

    Position filled TY

    Room for 1 player, that can play either a power Rev or Tempest, Must use Ts & be vocal when needed, and available Mon/Thursday Eve 7-9pm uk time pm me in game or here for a chat.

    Great Idea, hope all goes well for you guys

    Room for 1 Power Rev/Scourge that can make ideally both Mon/Thurs raid or the very least 1 of them.

    Room for 1 Power Rev that can make ideally both Mon/Thurs raid or the very least 1 of them.

    Recruitment Temp suspended - TY

    ty ty

    Our Primary requirement atm is: 1- Reliable -Mes/Chrono that can Ts and play Mon & Thurs Night's

    Although we can put any class to good use (and will Invite people), Our Primary requirement atm is: 1 -Firebrands 1 - Scourges 1- Power Revs 1- Tempest Guild builds & training available Guild recruitment will soon close for the foreseeable future.

    we have 2 people that are in the squad (so we know where they at), but have other functions from our zerg on their Thief's

    Although we can put any class to good use (and will Invite people), Our Primary requirement atm is: 2 -Firebrands 3 - Scourges 3- Power Revs 1- Tempest Guild builds & training available

    Wolves of [ODIN], formerly WOLF Guild is looking for Fresh Blood for the pack. FB's - Rev's - Scourges - SB's - Tempest - , Ideally, (But don't worry I can use & put any class to good use during runs). Mon & Thursday are Raid Nights - if your Online then you run with the guild and join Ts We will bring back our guild training in a couple of weeks once we get more of our core on the server, these sessions are each Thursday prior to raid for 30-40mins tops, ranging from build discussion to tactics & movement. But this will help strengthen the group and any new people that join us. Guild builds are available, we have our own Ts but want to use Pikens as much as possible.

    Hi All, WOLF landed on Piken this weekend, we hope to bring another 25+ over in the next couple of weeks (Peeps on Holidays) . we generally raid Mon & Thursday Evenings as a focused grp, and Mon- Friday Mornings we tag up for fun runs. We hope to become part of the Piken community and be open to co-operation as much as possible with all concerned. If theres any hints/tips/advice for our smooth transition, i'm all ears. All the best J A Z Z