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  1. Piken

    and for the sake of god, some admin clear my accout profile from the SFR tag that i never joined by my hands. NVM, done by myself.
  2. Piken

    the true Piken Square core has ever had the over the top players. That has maded an incoming flux of wannabes and that's fine... till they started to think to be what they was looking for on Piken and then.... leaved for new shore. As i told you many times, i was here before you and i'm still now. You leaved cuz the server was populated only from casual unskilled players (your opinion) and that make you and your mates (skillfull organized players) anger and frustrated. Now, after your leave it, Piken is on T1, certainly thank to clusters too. Yesterday i saw all evening and night our faction kick asses of deso and er(ros etc) that YOU consider best of world. Now you want to come here and type that Piken has just a nice community? Not strong players? Please leave that shit out of here. No, m8. You taken your choices, i adviced you that all you was falling in a really big mistake, now Piken is FULL as it has be for the lasts 5 years. Cu on battlefield where we will see who is skilled and who's not, the rest is just spam. Ahuuuu ahuuuu ahuuuu that's Piken. fu i'm not able to correct.