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  1. Varangian Guard [VG] is back and looking for you!

    @Vayle , no thanks needed I am here to support the community
  2. Varangian Guard [VG] is back and looking for you!

    Hi @Vayle , I moved VG Guild inside the Piken active list , https://piken.eu/index.php?/gc/cat/1-piken-guilds/ I also gave as request to you and Perrseus the Guild Leader rank. Please review the Guild page and update if needed. Thanks Duca
  3. Varangian Guard [VG] is back and looking for you!

    Welcome back, I see your guild in the old listed https://piken.eu/index.php?/gc/&%2Fgc%2F= , if you want I can put again in the active listed Guilds and you can update the text. Just let me know
  4. ARMA 10/09/2019

  5. ODIN Fingering Gandara Green snots & SFR 12/08

    GG , great video
  6. ODIN v Gankdara

  7. ODIN

    @Rosh it looks Jazz has issues in embedding the video
  8. ARMA seleziona da 6 ad 8 giocatori con conoscenza di utilizzo delle seguenti classi , scourge , revenant,mesmer, guardian che parlano o comprendano l'italiano da inserire nel nostro gruppo. I Raid sono ogni martedi' e giovedi a partire dalle 21,30. Se interessati contattare o scrivere a Duca di Ebonhawke.1045 Per il Revenant valutiamo anche un eventuale inserimento di Class Leader. ARMA is selecting between 6 to 8 players max with knowledge of the following classes, scourge, revenant , mesmer, guardian. It is required understanding of Italian language. Our Raids are every tuesday and thursday starting from 21.30. If interested please contact or write to Duca di Ebonhawke.1045 About the Revenant we evaluate also the recruiting of a Class Leader. Thanks Duca di Ebonhawke

    Hi Wolf , I gave my availability as Commander, FB and Spellbreaker. Great initiative
  10. Piken Pug Primetime Evenings

    GG Pucca
  11. ARMA+ODIN Guild Raid 31/01/19

    ARMA + ODIN , common raid during matchup against ROS and Elona Reach
  12. Canidae [FTW] - re-opening the Kennel

    Like it :-)
  13. What am I, a chair to be re-upholstered?! :o I thank you for your kind words, but no, I can't be "recovered". ;) I've never been a part of forum Piken & what I've seen of it this last week or two is... poisonous. And wouldn't I look a complete twit if I came back in whatever capacity. Nah. The forum has always done, well, whatever it's done without me, and the meeting... Can be whatever it wants to be & good luck to any who care to board that ship-that-might-well-sink! ;) But thank you for thinking kindly of me. I can't remember who said it, but someone said words to the effect of "Dukey stepping down was an excuse to..." I don't know if you're a football fan, but I think I know how Moyes felt following Fergie at Man Utd! ;)



    1. ducadiebonhawke


      Hi Wulf, I think it was the minimum to request you to come back and I do believe it's not an easy role but it's important for the community. I can understand your choice but in my opinion frankly speaking I believe you made a mistake resigning. You should stay and the discussion I believe that the majority of the people like what you made and none has put in discussion you. Resigning you have given voice at who should not have. I have really appreciated that you accept to replace Duckey and you made fine. The discussion about what first is just a detail and frankly I would not have spent too many minutes about. People want , let do it but you are still there to grant the community. Now, I hope that you with Duckey and others will find a new one that can do it or that you return to host. Community is important and we know that in all communities there are poisons but important it is to put the right walls and know I don't see those walls. I have also offered myself to temporary replace you, ( or do the backup ), for last call and as I wrote this choice should come from Duckey, you and PS , you all has created this and you cannot let this sinking. 

      Last call it was frankly depressive, ( the one which propose to host was out with the girlfriend.....), and again it was a clear message from the community more than polls.

      I really hope, you can think to it or support in find the right solution.

      I am a football fun and my team is Palermo , ( I also like Inter of Milano living there but my hearth goes on the team of the city where I am born and lived for 30 years ) and yes I do understand how Moyes felt but could be if he stays may be today was even better than with Fergie. You had a great Prime Minister in the past W. Churchill , he would never resign under pressure even if he would in his feeling.

      All the best and see you in game, you will be welcome for every chat and team play and apologies if may be I use some strange verbs like "recover" but being Italian , English is for me a second language and it's not easy to use the right expression.

    2. Raedwulf


      Your English is a lot better than my Italian, don't worry. I can manage 'pasta' (never mind da Vinci, Michelangelo, the Romans, and all that rubbish; pasta - the one worthwhile thing that Italy gave to the world! ;) ), and 'arrivederci' and that's about it! ;) I actually reckon if you didn't go 19 to the dozen (i.e. talk too fast, typical Italian!), you'd make a pretty decent chair / host / whatever yourself. :)

      But me? No, I'll pass. I know I've made a bit of a Pyrrhus of myself (& you ought to know who he was, since beating the Romans gave him his enduring fame). I knew it as I was doing it, but I really just didn't like the reaction I got on the forum. I've done the chair thing before. And the 'reluctance' is not, as some seem to think, a pose. If I can help, I will, but that? Meh! I play the game for fun, same as everyone else. The particularly stupid thing about it (including MY reaction) is that most of those whining probably never attend the meeting anyway. And my basic counter-argument is "Well, if you're going to leave the moment the borders are done, it doesn't matter a crap to Piken whether we do them first or last does it, you stupid, selfish etcetera…"

      But there's absolutely no point in saying that, because it just inflames things further, and what does that achieve? In future, I shall stick to nipping into TS 5 mins before reset & guessing at who's leading. If you're unlucky, I might inflict myself on you! ;) Again, mio caro amico (I resorted to google translate, don't give me any credit!), I thank you for your kind words. But I'm either the right bloke at the wrong time, or the wrong bloke at the right time. And I absolutely will look a right idiot if I attempt to return from my self-immolation, won't I! ;) Pyrrhus... pyre... There's actually no connection between the name & the word… But there ought to be, oughtn't there?

      All the best,