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  1. The corona impact!

    Take care Chimpz , you have to run 0 risks for what possible.
  2. The corona impact!

    Thanks Chimpz , I have forwarded your message at all ARMA . We are grateful of your words and to the Piken friends that are using and contacting us with nice words. Yes , it's a very hard and difficult moment for all the Italians and I am shocked you are getting less antibiotics, this is not correct and none of us would think that's a correct way to do. We need to support each other and do not let none back. A great Hug to all . Duca
  3. Piken

    Chimpz it’s simply the best
  4. Piken

    As I wrote Piken is a great community and in my experience , ( in 7 years I have been in GH, AG, PS and now SFR ). None is perfect but here you have an organization and there is a team play. It's not the strongest fighters ? May be, but for sure it has a great group of players. Be proud of you.
  5. Piken

    Grimleiv , I can confirm being on SFR , Piken is a community and this is a big differentiator.
  6. GoodBye Piken

    MR Y , all the best, we hope to see soon as allied or in Piken with your new guild when one day will open this server. We are friends in ARMA and in real. Fly high , we are here flying and fighting for Piken.
  7. Varangian Guard [VG] is back and looking for you!

    @Vayle , no thanks needed I am here to support the community
  8. Varangian Guard [VG] is back and looking for you!

    Hi @Vayle , I moved VG Guild inside the Piken active list , https://piken.eu/index.php?/gc/cat/1-piken-guilds/ I also gave as request to you and Perrseus the Guild Leader rank. Please review the Guild page and update if needed. Thanks Duca
  9. Varangian Guard [VG] is back and looking for you!

    Welcome back, I see your guild in the old listed https://piken.eu/index.php?/gc/&%2Fgc%2F= , if you want I can put again in the active listed Guilds and you can update the text. Just let me know
  10. ARMA 10/09/2019

  11. ODIN Fingering Gandara Green snots & SFR 12/08

    GG , great video
  12. ODIN v Gankdara

  13. ODIN

    @Rosh it looks Jazz has issues in embedding the video