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  1. New hidden TAG

    Grimleiv , I do agree with you. My proposal it is that Blu Tag never go hide and the other Tags if go hide, whisp at Blu Comm so that he is aware of their presence.
  2. ODIN Fingering Gandara Green snots & SFR 12/08

    GG , great video
  3. Server links and registering concern

    After all those actions , Piken it was open for nearly two weeks so we have been able to get some of our guild members back. Now, since two weeks it is full again. Concerns about how is calculate from Piken the population remain but at least as short term with the server opening we could be able to recover.
  4. Server links and registering concern

    I fully agree Francesca , may be we should discuss at least during summer period to join most of the Tag if possible during prime time.
  5. Full Server and No Linked one - Guilds Broken - Are you looking for a solution ? Duca di Ebonhawke 8:39AM Dear Anet , I made a post some days ago about a proposal of " golden share " . In this post I have put at your attention the fact that due to not linked server many guilds are "broken" having the majorities of their members in the full server not linked but also other that have been in the linked and now cannot join. Considering that move all the guild out from the full , it's just a theoretical solution but not possible to do for those reason : 1) People enjoy the community where they are and do not want to move , 2) It's not easy to convince over 50+ players to spend gems for going in a server that in few months could have the same issue 3) People played for years in the same server and don't want to lose contact with other long time server players and if summarize all the points mentioned it is clear that there is no way to move and frankly it is really unfair. I have seen many discussion in those days in this forum and also reddit about with many players having the same issue . I am kindly asking and would like to see an answer , ( not just closed the topic like it has been done with " golden share " ), if you are looking at least for a temporary solution like for example to open for 24h the servers full so that guilds member can join their community. Thanks for your attention and I hope reply. Below the link : https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/81048/full-server-and-no-linked-one-guilds-broken-are-you-looking-for-a-solution#latest Feel free to add your comments and let see
  6. Server links and registering concern

    Answer received by the support team. It's the same Jazz got few days ago : GM Onesimus Hey .......... Thanks a lot for taking the time to share your own, as well as your server's, concerns about the current state of their WvW experiences. While we at support are unable to truly do anything in regards to this matter, we have found that the best way for the Development team to gather and review player feedback and suggestions is through the official forums. We ask and encourage you and your server to post your concerns in our forums: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com Members of the Development Team read the forums daily, and while they usually cannot respond to individual suggestions, the fact that team members can review those suggestions in a public forum helps them gauge the level of interest in a particular idea, and also allows other players to discuss and offer feedback of their own. I am certain that there are many other players that share your concerns about this matter, so posting on the forums will get the conversation started and allow the dev team to see how it impacts everyone. I do apologize that we were unable to truly assist in this matter, but I do hope that you see a change soon. Thank you for your time. Regards, GM Onesimus Guild Wars 2 Support Team
  7. Server links and registering concern

    Keenan , thanks a lot of your kind words , we are alive :-) :-) . By the way we fight for Piken and other server like Kodash because to be closed and do not have even 48h of window that would allow to join your guild is a real nonsense.
  8. Server links and registering concern

    Let see what happen by next week or during summer . I will continue for what it is possible to push and speak up. In the mean time, as Jazz says carry on the fight and try to do our best and face the challenge.
  9. Server links and registering concern

    Ticket open and comment done on Reddit : Below text of I wrote at Reddit : I am from Piken and for months we are having the server closed, with often no queue during reset. However we keep our guild and activity alive moving who cannot join the server in the linked one, spending gems and supporting each other. WvW request a lot of training activity and team build , now our teams are scattered with huge disappointment. Now , do not come with smart suggestions " easy solution is to transfer to another server " , because we are part of a community we play together since years and we do not want to move. It is our right to stay in a community we feel our "home" and play as guild all together and do not see scattered. Open the servers ANET and look at your matching systems so our friends can join back into our communities, allow a few days where people can be with their fellow guildies and then close the servers again. We want our queues back, our populations to blossom and for WvW to be a competitive game in its own right. Right now it isn't.
  10. ODIN v Gankdara

  11. A Letter to ArenaNet

    Duca di Ebonhawke, officer responsible for WvW , I do sign the request on behalf of ARMA. ARMA is the largest italian guild,we have guildies that for long time are waiting to move from other servers to Piken . We are starting to lose players because cannot stay with us and due to not speaking english , they prefer do not play wvw or leave the game. This is now an issue that is present for months, in addition we do not have the feeling that Piken is a full server. We believe that at least to open the server even for a week is a form of respect for GW2 players and for community like our, where to stay in a guild speaking your native language helps more to enjoy the game. Thanks
  12. [Ruin] - Nightshift - Returning to the fight!

    Welcome back
  13. What is your Guild up to?

    Exactly , if you see Jazz closed with β€œ food for thoughts β€œ and from this topic we got something to think and we improved. However none and ever I believe in this community where respect it is an absolute value will push at the limit , we consider diversity and collaboration key values.
  14. ODIN

    @Rosh it looks Jazz has issues in embedding the video