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  1. What is your Guild up to?

    And isn't there also Jeanne d'ark?
  2. What is your Guild up to?

    FTW does guild missions on wednesday. We raid on sunday noon. (australian evening). Orval does the morning raid in the weekend. Our guild raid has around 15ppl. PSTG raids 2x week. Days are being decided atm. Raids pull 10-15 ppl, but numbers are rising. General idea is to be hub of information. With mentors for each class. Loli does sporadic gank squads. We pull 5-10 ppl. We become more coherent when our mighty leader HCMPro goes no-life mode. HvoC is mask. ScS is ScS. Cmon still hosts the fiesta raid. I miss krall (kinda) No real info on any others.
  3. Pin You Up!

    Felt cute, might delete later.

    I can give advice about all classes mentioned. Only willing to do training on scourge/fb. I Will hit you up.
  5. old-piken-ruins2.jpg

    From the album Old piken ruins

  6. old-piken-ruins1.jpg

    From the album Old piken ruins