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  1. 10 man party setup

    How big is your group? Only use 10man setup if your FB's coordinate SYG 1 and 2. This is something I made a while ago for blob setup, so maybe outdated. Heavy on scrapper. You can run more weaver and spb's if you like.
  2. What is your Guild up to?

    And isn't there also Jeanne d'ark?
  3. What is your Guild up to?

    FTW does guild missions on wednesday. We raid on sunday noon. (australian evening). Orval does the morning raid in the weekend. Our guild raid has around 15ppl. PSTG raids 2x week. Days are being decided atm. Raids pull 10-15 ppl, but numbers are rising. General idea is to be hub of information. With mentors for each class. Loli does sporadic gank squads. We pull 5-10 ppl. We become more coherent when our mighty leader HCMPro goes no-life mode. HvoC is mask. ScS is ScS. Cmon still hosts the fiesta raid. I miss krall (kinda) No real info on any others.
  4. Basic Guidelines for new wvw players

    Decent guide (better than his burn fb...) A bit too long winded. Just reading the skills... General rule is to only use staff when a fight consists of plenty of pirate-ship and not a lot of melee engagement.
  5. New FB stats , what do you think

    This doesn't work. It gets countered by scrapper. All the burning goes to aegis. Those fights we're in NA, no parties sorted and pleb enemies. Also gave incorrect information on some of the skill usage.
  6. Pin You Up!

    Felt cute, might delete later.

    I can give advice about all classes mentioned. Only willing to do training on scourge/fb. I Will hit you up.
  8. 5/3/19 balance patch theorycraft

    That is interesting. Also remember that your trait prevents one interrupt. What would you run then on warrior? banners? Or use the stealth bubble tactic, scrappers have reveal if they take sneak gyro...
  9. 5/3/19 balance patch theorycraft

    Hej I am uncertain how the cats influence the meta atm. Let's discuss some other changes involving blob builds. - Haven't tested the new scourge shroud. Seems strong, but you need good timing. Any thoughts? - Bubble seems depended on how hard enemy focusses you. If you stay in your melee group, close to stab and resistance, they shouldn't be able to interrupt your bubble. Any decent enemy will punish deep bubbles, so not worth to go yolo anymore imo. - Minstrell scrapper this seems rly strong, the superspeed is more frequent now. You don't have to use blast gyro anymore for it. - Minstrell tempest is basically the old auramancer with the new shout trait. 'Stop, drop and roll', Stone heart and Gale song are traits that are also decent. - Scrapper has more healing/s, more cleanse and plenty of superspeed. Tempest has aura's, decent cc and plenty of blasts. Thoughts? - API is not updated! check ingame or patch notes for accurate trait description.
  10. Niche blob builds discussion

    Focus is used for obsidian flesh. WH has some decent skills, but most like the 4s invuln.
  11. Niche blob builds discussion

    Yes, it is me again. Plz give your opinion on the next builds. Daredevil: Tricks >= Bountiful theft > acrobatics traitline or other stuff? Chrono: Power chrono (with a greatsword?) > old minstrel build (no SOI) > minstrel build (SOI) - Heal tempest: Earth > arcane > other traits? I play the first mentioned variant of each spec. I am not sure about the chrono build. I heard about scepter, no gs, with gs, with SOI and without... Heal tempest is on par with scrapper in the healing department, less condi clear. More CC than scrapper. Not much diff in superspeed anymore. Scrapper is still used for its reveal in GvG (I think).
  12. WvW Builds for Fun

    These builds are too advanced for my tiny brain.
  13. Killing babies

    No thanks. I rather throw siege and jump corpses.
  14. old-piken-ruins2.jpg

    From the album Old piken ruins

  15. old-piken-ruins1.jpg

    From the album Old piken ruins