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  1. The WvW Invasion

  2. Meta shifts

    Its possible to post twitch fights here ? Im also on the reaper side of things...shroud 4 is a great tool to create downies and help the commander to start working on the enemy.4 reapers using shroud 4 at the same time would be my take on the frontline damage problem.As Azizi said (bcs she knows piken builds better than me) we are too focused on sustain and heal...and who is doing the damage in the frontline? (minstrel FB? Heal scrapper,kamikaze SB) ?? or you think the high damage ele,rev,scourge builds can survive the enemy melee train,bcs our melee train is already 2000 range away from them...I play almost every class,and my experience is that the range damage classes are on their own,be good or you die on retaliation...dont forget the backline is the key to victory bcs the frontline is tanking the damage,maybe creating some downies on their own.So more damage on the frontline,,tanky warris,tanky FB with 600 heal the rest should go to toughness,vitality,power. I would like to post one fight from yesterdays MoD raid if possible playing a reaper.
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