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  1. Smashing BB guilds i dedicate to Elorita
  2. Blend Wars 2 - WvW Renegade&Herald Gameplay

    Renegade cant spike like herald, cuz no buffs from upkeep points. Its good to learn how Renegade works, but now Herald with Dragon and Dwarf is better. I just record it before change. Imho stricte power backline herald is too squishy for objective fights, like towers etc. Retribution spec give more sustain for you and for party. And...superspeed from dragon stance is great when u need to push.
  3. And another video. Finally with only firebrand gameplay and some epic battle music
  4. Some fights on border as chronomancer boonshare with JoJo Bizzare Adventure meme
  5. ...to be continued
  6. Some our fights from previous week. Enjoy!