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  1. Roys freedom crusade in PvE

  2. [ONYX] Nil Admirari

    I just saw this. Clearly you've had an influx of apples. Well done. So I don't get this post deleted, apply to ONYX, you won't be able to understand a single thing Red says, but he's great in the sack. Cheers
  3. Hand Of Blood [HoB]

    Hey guys, [HoB] Hand of Blood, is a semi-hardcore guild, we currently raid 4 times a week, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, from 19:00-22:00 GMT. At the moment we are opening recruitment to most classes so if you are interested in a semi-hardcore environment, with the focus on improving on your class as well as guild play in raids, and a friendly atmosphere, then please apply at Specifically, we are currently looking for: 1x Theif 2x Elementalist 1 or 2 Guardians 1 or 2 Warriors However, if you play a different class and feel you would be a benefit to the guild, then feel free to apply on our site. We hope to see you soon, and as always, 'Murica. Cheers!
  4. [echo] Armored Spearhead

    Wait but I thought you were on Gandara? We were actually gonna ask you for scrims at water gate garrison, on piken square borderlands tonight.
  5. [Etnl] Eternal Shadow Nexus

    If you don't know what Cheeky Nandos are, like myself, you should join this guild, and they'll explain it. I still have no idea what a Cheeky Nando is, but I was massively amused when they were trying to describe it to me.
  6. Hand Of Blood [HoB]

    Hello all! We are currently looking for 2 Necromancers and 1 Elementalist If you're interested in a semi-hardcore guild, fun environment, 4 raids a week, and tons of FREEDOM, apply at If you have any questions feel free to pm me on the forums or in game. Any particularly shiny applications we get that are for classes other than the ones mentioned above will be considered, so feel free to apply even if you are not an ele/nec. Cheers!
  7. Why are there a bunch of Brits on my TS

  8. [IM] Inner Monkeys

    Best recruitment post of all time.