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  1. Please do not leave - there are obviously diverse opinions here - but yours is still valid for a good number of silent people


  2. Yay - found you! No idea what sort of picture - well ... something where we look sort of threatening and fierce and like Bruvs from criminal class/ inner city - Kray Brothers comes to mind. When I am looking normal I get attacked bu solo players (and die ofc). When I am Bruv, solo players run away from me! Think it is a bit like being a snowball or a ... damn, those cute fat things with short arms. no one attacks them! And Svarty is always trying to keep me alive - he is sooo nice! I will have a chat with him and see if he has any ideas, hugs :)

    1. Rose


      Haha, sounds pretty fabulous! ^^

      I don't want to try two clones, so any ideas on how to make them look different? :)

    2. Bina Artz

      Bina Artz

      good point - will ponder :))