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  1. Server links and registering concern

    Ah darn I got the guild letters mixed up with PSTG and PTSD...
  2. Server links and registering concern

    So errm are you an officer in PTSG?
  3. Server links and registering concern

    Heres the reddit post:
  4. Server links and registering concern

    There will be some who will moan and disagree with the above, however for the time you have perhaps spent typing a "it wont work" reply to this post you could have done it to support your server.
  5. Good evening everyone, After the GL, Officers and Tags meeting this evening I have decided to write a copy and paste Support ticket script. If you want to help and get involved, copy and paste this in a support ticket and send it to ANET using the support ticket system. Friends are being broken up, guilds and groups fractured by ANETS decision to keep Piken closed using an out dated statistical system. Dear ANET/GM We as a server are very unhappy that our server is closed for new people to join. We now have split wvw guilds, virtually no wvw queues, groups of friends fractured and broken and ultimately this is totally unfair. Its not just us, with servers like Kodash and others who are even more worse off than we are. We ask you open the servers, allow those who are stuck outside of our community to join and then close it again. Even if its just for one day. Thank you. Just copy the above and paste. It will take two minutes. Thanks
  6. Fiesta raid part 6! Vikings!

    Piken goes Core Viking! Sol! Core classes only - Viking themed - Carcharias is the prize for the best dressed Viking!