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  1. Ill test this, let me know what you think about adding few of those to runs ?

    I can help on roaming/ 1vX on most classes if u wish me
  3. Support from WvW, latest "developments"

    I believe, wvw is just part of really great game that is GW2. As such each small part of game is part of wvw also. When u see critter in wvw , its there coz it was made specifically for this game mode, its there coz devs made it for GW2. Without all those guys who gave hours of life developing this game, it would be a game we all love and play. It is my feeling we should show we also care for them as they cared for us to make game that we still play 6y after.
  4. So here i was thinking, would it be possible that we talk lets say following weekend with our matchup servers at time, to make peaceful gathering for and hour or so in some bl, maybe EB or so and do , /walk around map all together, and stream it , for the sake of anet members who left anet ? To me this game means a lot , and most responsible for having it on my daily plate, are those that spent hours developing it. If we could show our respects toward them, i would feel a bit better. What do you guys think , would it be possible to make something like this ? Regards, Gruumsh
  5. Killing babies

    I generally do not even stomp low skilled , low ranked ppl. Even trying to help them with guide and so one. That will keep them coming back i hope. Unless they play mesmer (mirage, chrono, core). In that case use following guide: 1. down it 2. move a bit like u will let him up 3. when it starts to use heal in downed , interrupt it 4. Let him die slow 5. Transform into male chicken and sit on his face (see what i did there ?) In case u dont have chicken tonic (and that is sad really) u can use some cheep siege.

    Guys ,do you only run raid groups or some of you run focused roaming groups ? I am mainly since forever focused on solo/roaming, making ppl cry and /w , pissing off blobs (making blob jump to defend t3 coz 5 ppl attacked it , rocks) , and rolling , so im wondering if you guys do have focus on that. Example would be , get 2x boobot, 2x deeps and roller , hit t3 when no one expect it. Cheers and welcome to Piken.