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  1. Hello insomniacs and people whos sleep scheduele is FUBAR. I would like to wellcome you to a guild that that unites all of those who play the game while others are asleep. This guild is made for people who find themself online during night time with noone to play with, you do not need to be active night time player to join our guild, we would like to have as many people as possible who occasionaly play during night time so whenever you come online you can find someone to play with, whether it is Fractals or open world or sPvP or WvW or if you just want someone to talk to. To hardcore night time players i can offer a spot as an Officer as I am currently in a need of few, it would be ideal to have atleast 1-2 for each aspect of a game. Guild itself is very casual and I would like to see it be something like community guild for night time players so we can feel more special . We also have discord server with a music bot so you will never be alone! Current goal is to get as many people as possible so everyone is wellcome to join. Future goal for WvW is to have atleast 10-15 people who play during night time regulary so we can try to set up atleast 1 night time raid. So join before the coffee gets cold ! Send mail or /w Niontao.1657 for invite!
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