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  1. [ONYX] Nil Admirari

    We changed our raid days to be Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. In addition we added two additional unofficial event days: Monday and Wednesday. Usually roaming/havok is done during those days and they are optional. We are also looking for: 1 tempest 1 reaper 1 druid 1 revenant To add to our regular team. Feel free to apply even with other professions as well you won't be ignored because you don't have a profession on the list. Feel free to poke me if you are interested, or apply at our website!
  2. [ONYX] Nil Admirari

    We are looking for 2 tempest 2 reaper 1 scrapper 1 warrior 1 revenant to add to our regular team. Feel free to apply even with other professions. Feel free to poke if you are interested, or apply at our website!
  3. Simple section rules

    Addendum regarding the bump: The limit of bump accepted as described in the above post is 1 (one) per week, counted from the last post on the topic with that use by the guild.
  4. [ONYX] Nil Admirari

    Who are we? We are ONYX, Nil Admirari, a semi hardcore wvw raid/GvG guild established since almost 2 years on Piken Square with lots of nice people. We offer 3+ raids a week, sometimes roaming off prime time, guild training and guild missions. If you need help over other aspects of the game, we have many who are able to help you with that. We have a very experienced core with a lot of great commanders. You can join if you: Are friendly and helpful Are able to join our TS-channel Can be active on most of our raids (not needed to be present at unofficial ones, even if online) Are able to take criticism and learn Will take raids seriously and give your best. 100% representation in WvW (with some exceptions) 100% Guild Chat representation (you must have guild chat active at all times) Can accept to change your build depending on the team needs. What we can offer you: Several experienced commanders and class leader able to help you. 3+ Raids per week and scrims. A group of people who just want to have fun but won't deny some competitiveness. Guild PVP and Guild Hall private arena Main guild events times: Raids: Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 to 10pm. Unofficial activities (e.g. Roaming): Mondays, Wednesdays from 8 to 10pm. Gms: During guild raids. Meeting: Saturday 8pm. All times in CET/CEST. Recruitment Status: Recruitment is open for all professions But, in particular, we are looking for people able to come to most raids. If you have your elite specialization unlocked it's a plus. And also people interested in building a GvG team. Feel free to apply anyway even if not in that list! If you have any questions or need any help: Pm weltall.6041 aka: Rediarel our Leader. or in the extremely unlikely situation that he is not on one of the officers and co-leaders: Arthedain.5928 (Arathonv) Sasigher.9648 (Sasigher) To apply just fill out the form on our site: Detailed guild rules:
  5. gw122.jpg

    I see myself with my first wvw armor.
  6. [ONYX] Nil Admirari

    In addition we are specifically looking for. 2x warrior 2x guardian both front liner, one guardian hammer
  7. [ONYX] Nil Admirari

    We need these professions at the moment, with higher priority and primarily for the GvG team (in order to finalize the 15v15 team, will look for more for the 20v20). 2x necro 1x staff ele 1x mesmer The rest of profession can join as well as usual. I'm looking for people willing to improve themselves and looking for new challenges without being scared of losing sometimes. Also i expect them to come at most of our 3 weekly raids.
  8. Keep Calm and Eat Cake [Cake]

    No one wants roy confirmed. btw isn't that a muffin? XD
  9. [ONYX] Nil Admirari

    Need also specifically 2 mesmer.