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  1. Niche blob builds discussion

    I will maybe in the future try both, it will definetely be a personal preference matter.
  2. Niche blob builds discussion

    Isn’t warhorn a better choice for support over focus for ele? Water has condi cleanse, earth has extra protection and boon extension.
  3. Really fun people to raid with! Have been enjoying it so far. Join up!
  4. Basic Guidelines for new wvw players

    maybe this? Addition to Rule 10: go to EB keep when you are going to WvW to fill up your supps first, before going to the borderlands.

    First of all, as I said in the other topic: welcome! Second of all, the Piken community is very nice (in my opinion). Be sure to join the community events and have some fun. Most saturday nights there will be a drunk raid and sunday mornings have a coffee raid by Melna (starting at 10 AM). Most of the things can be found on the calender. Also, feel free to open tag on TS, people will join! If you want a TS only squad, it used to be nothing weird that there were "password protected" squads, password was spread on TS. I don't know if that is a thing though nowadays still, I rejoined this week after a half year hiatus.

    Welcome on Piken Square!