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  1. Leaving Piken

    Take care Curse!!
  2. Woohoo welcome back "pack" 😀😀
  3. Ordo Ab [Chao]

    Chao still recruiting Contact one of us in game and get involved
  4. Ordo Ab [Chao]

    Actually closing in on Thurday again! Always happy to have new people following as well of course Everybody can learn and evolve woohoooo
  5. Ordo Ab [Chao]

    Thursday 18:45gmt! Why not join us at Ordo Ab [Chao] as a 'Chao Raider' Let's fight together as Pikeneers, as teammates! What's that I hear you ask? How to apply? Just contact a Chao Member! This is what you'll see on Thursdays We made a seperate rank for the people that actually only want to follow us on the raid on Thursdays, or in WvW in general. No harshness in repping etc. We are trying to run an invitational TeamSpeak only raid every Thursday. In this raid there are a few things that will have the focus. Like usually respect/healthy atmosphere Top prio one! Next to that we will focus on actually teaching people something. Small changes in rotations? Settings in-game? Positioning? Everything will be there and hopefully covered. If you are interested in becoming a Chao-Raider or a full Chao member? Let us know on the forums, in-game or through TeamSpeak. Stay focussed and happy!!
  6. Can't vouch enough for the Monkeys!!! Awesome bunch of people
  7. Brotherhood of Blub

    Hahahaha nice one Blub!!! :D :D :D
  8. Ordo Ab [Chao]

    Interested in joining Chao? Contact us in game or through the forums.
  9. Ordo Ab [Chao]

    Still recruiting new people!!! Contact one of Chao in game or through the forums to get in touch
  10. Better builds for piken!

    One word for this ^^ FINALLY!!!
  11. Ordo Ab [Chao]

    We are open for new recruitments We arent picky on classes etc. We are just looking for the fun-loving people in the game
  12. Ordo Ab [Chao]

    We are still recruiting Contact me for more information
  13. Ordo Ab [Chao]

    Maybe it is Maybe it isnt Find out for yourselves people!! Join us in the fun of the game
  14. Ordo Ab [Chao]

    Take your gameplay to the next level! Er... actually, take a few steps back & kick up your feet. Join the coolest laid-back guild on Piken Square! That's right Ordo Ab [Chao] is recruiting!! Newest Guild-Hall Open for new members Fun loving and enjoying all parts of the game, we are doing loads of different stuff during the day/evening. Contact : JJsan.4268 or Shizuma.8179 for more information