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  1. Starter Builds

    i know many like the "old" condi necro. but with just a bit of trait changing into reaper, without soul reaping - you are a shout-boon-corrupting-aids-class. the only downside, you have to be aware of being more frontline oriented. its very similar to what svarty is proposing, but with even more boon corrupt... which is one of the most broken things atm. you dont even "need" epidemic that badly. the axe alone on 12sec cd has a shout-range boon corrupt of 2 boons on 5 people plus entering shroud is another boon corrupt with the trait in spite. (plus dagger, plus shroud skill 2, if traited... and so on) since we are talking about beginner builds, the question shouldnt be how easy it is to get to ascended gear nowadays. player like me dont want to do raids and go straight for wvw. let them. therefore the proposed gear in exotic is absolutely fine. the bonus of ascended is so... small. weapons and trinkets do the most anyway, the armor just adds another 2% of your stats - at max. edit: however, the website wont load for me atm. maybe i got it wrong and the build is already on the first page. sry if so
  2. Starter Builds

    if HoT is not a prob, doing trinkets marauder and armor + weapons zerker is much easier/cheaper to get (trinkets with new maps + wvw path... at max a week, if you have some time to play). maybe its a bit more productive this way and better to achieve for people. if the gear for fractals and raids is up, the armor is most likely zerker anyway and trinkets are easier to come by. without HoT tho, marauder armor and zerker trinkets is easier ofc. best choice available imo