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  1. Server links and registering concern

    Thanks for correcting me :-) In that case there is nothing to disagree with :-) Yea, if people are members of WvW guild and they are running in WvW with open tag, they should join it and go as an example for others.
  2. Server links and registering concern

    Well you are right in most things. Like during the prime times, it is often like 2-3 smaller closed tags on one map fighting one big blob. And it is quite hard to coordinate 3 tags. But yea, at the same time, you have mostly only 1 open tag online during prime times (not counting reset night) and sometimes you dont have event that one open. But i still understand the guild wants to run guild raids few times a week, wanted to coordinate with their build, with their guildmates. So i dont think it is possible to get people from closed tags together to one tag that would fight enemy blobs. So i think we could encourage people that are doing closed tags just because they dont want to follow current open tag commander, but i do not think it is to many cases. Mostly the tags i see are actually guild raids. So if we want to get more people to open tags we have two sources - encourage guild members to join open tags when we do not have guild raids even if it is commanding someone not so popular in the guild (which was already suggested few times before) and continue to convince the "greenies" running around tags to join TS and open tag. But not with just saying join the tag and TS. They need to see the benefits, so advertise the bonuses (less death, more kills, more lootbags, more xp, more fun, quicker learning to proper play your class) For example we as a guild have guild raids 2 times a week for 2 hours, but other than that we are mostly joining other open tags or we are open to join other tags on the border for greater good, like with Duca few days ago. He was running open on border with like 7 people, I had guild tag with 7-8 people, so we all agreed that we disband our group and join duca and it was really fun :-) Even tho we still loose some fights cause of still low numbers we had a great time and was nice night :-)
  3. Some fights we have on Saturday raid with a guild
  4. Some stuff recorded during WvW raids with Chao guild.
  5. Server links and registering concern

    Well written. We will not convince every "greenie" to join tags, but we can at least try to convince more of them. I am one of the commanders falling to the line "not the best one" (still at the start of learning), but have some fine and helpful players with me most of the times i tagged, so we will ddeffinitely try to encourage more people to join tags. To Jazz and Duca: I am really sorry that it ends up like this with no link a no way to get your people to us. More so because you are amazing people and commanders and i really enjoy playing with you. I am still hoping that Anet will change their minds about the whole thing and find a solution. Our hearts are with you.