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  1. The Hammer Crew [RED] is moving to Piken

    Welcome, i shared this message as printscreen on discord also.
  2. Pin You Up!

    Mine Axel is fantastic and sexy.
  3. Pin You Up!

    Quark, one of my favorite from deep space nine.
  4. Pin You Up!

    Just as sexy i am in real life
  5. Pin You Up!

    I got 3 ladys but still i like the looks of my mesmer more.
  6. 5cab5eec68f23-2019-04-08(5).png

    From the album Axel Moonshine

  7. Pin You Up!

    Like to have a drawing of my retired mesmer from WvW Axel Moonshine.
  8. [HoB] - The Ayy Team

    No comment
  9. 58d7f92c1f311-QugetandMerle.PNG

    Secret and forbidden picture drunk raid Quget and Merle