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  1. Meta shifts

    Here is a Herald video about the changes of a couple of months ago. I think it's great and has some interesting stuff in it. I can't get rising momentum to work for me as he does
  2. DPS Staff Ele Guide (Updated 18/12/17)

    Some required watching for eles... :
  3. Meta shifts

    Can I ask what kind of sustainable barrier can we make from just Scourges, considering that we're asking Eles to go and flank? Looking at this... ... Five abilities grant barrier - many of us seem to be avoiding these abilities (hello Sand Swell) but they DO grant barrier. ... even with Celestial gear, the amount/sustainability seems questionable to me: Is it worth going full Cele? Or is it better just to stack Condition/Power damage, still run the Barrier abilities but don't bother with Healing Power because it doesn't boost them very much?
  4. Surprise contest for a precursor

    Looks like a "nearest number wins" lottery, judging by the /squadchat.
  5. Surprise contest for a precursor

    Well, well, well. I thought he'd died. There's a turn up for the books! gz slackin
  6. Poke the Thieves

    I like bit where the boxes are appearing as the character walks towards the camera.
  7. Meta shifts

    Melee Herald looks very interesting. I wouldn't even say Glint is the way 100% of Heralds should go - there are a few interesting things I'd like to see experimented with.. maybe a tanky Dire (condi) Shiro/Demon build, perhaps utilise the Shiro elite to PBAoE freeze enemies (I'm not sure if it's even a stun, it just says "Jade Duration") Obviously, this loses all the boon spam from Glint so ... maybe not, but it's something to consider. Alternatively, Demon/Herald could dole out resistance and then extend it's duration, for example. Ofc, with the new changes, when Empower happens, regular Heralds should be double tapping Facet of Nature for longer durations (this might be something that can be utilised to give us greater Alacrity or something with normally short durations if timed right at other points in the fight?).
  8. Blend Wars 2 - WvW Renegade&Herald Gameplay

    Hmm... might have to try demon/dwarf. but I like the numbers I get from Dragon and the ability to chase ppl with Shiro.
  9. I saw this and thought of you:


    1. Svarty


      I've sent this before, haven't I? Haha Still fun. fuck it.

  10. Desert Borderland Keeps overview

    Just a reminder about shrines redone: We now only need TWO shrines for the Falling Immunity (Hills) and Fire Immunity and Fire Portals (Bay). With two shrines at Garrison you get pulsing protection and [another boon]. Three shrines at any keep give you access to the quick-movement from one shrine to another at each keep: bird-form at hills, jump pads at garrison and fire tornadoes at bay.

    I propose renaming this thread from "non" to "new".
  12. Starter Builds

    Here are some tips: You can get Trailblazer stats from these exotic pieces of armour: Light Dragonscale Epaulets Light Dragonscale Headdress You just need to do the Ember Bay reward track twice. This means unlock the WvW reward track in Story mode THEN activate the track and play WvW until it's done. Bitterfrost Frontier Reward Track has gloves that let you pick Trailblazer stats, too. UPDATE: Apparently all Triumphant set let you pick any stats now, so you can do the WvW reward track over and over for trailblazer or celestial or whatever you want in exotic format.
  13. Starter Builds

    I have now looked over the official builds and found then inadequate in terms of survivability and playstyle. This is simply better for me, BUT do look into getting your boon strips into play when zerging - Greatsword#4, "Nothing Can Save You", Well of Corruption. FULL DIRE Armour, DIRE trinkets and weapons: This provides high Condition Damage with T & V RUNE: Undead = Toughness and 7% of Toughness as Condition Damage, synergises with itself. Curses: 322 SR: 321 (Some prefer 221, this is also fine, I use 3 because it means more and better Shroud-play) Reaper 222 (I change this to 322 when I'm struggling with enemy CC) For skills I mix it up a fair amount, but generally bear in mind that I want chills and blinds and usually a stun break. HEAL: Consume conditions, despite huge cast time Skills: Well of Corruption, You Are All Weaklings (stunbreak), Suffer. Mix this up if you like, but remember that with this build; anything that does blind also does chill and, anything that does fear also does chill and, anything that does chill also does bleed. Elite: Chilled to the Bone Food & Utility: Any condi food/Saffron Bread & a bog standard 6%,4% tuning crystal for over 150 more condition damage. TIP: Fire off Chilled to the Bone, then Suffer and pile up lots of Chill quickly and by extension Bleeds. TIP: I made this build with the avoidance of having to target enemies in mind. I get jumped by a lot of thieves, so I wanted to be able to use marks and shouts, which don't require target. TIP: Remember with this build that Fear, Chill and Blind all inflict Bleed. Zerg Playstyle: Use staff #2 to tickle enemies when sizing up a fight. On enemy push drop Well of Corruption on their tank train, dodge through them and do Chilled to the Bone and Suffer on the backline to reduce their damage output and mobility. Switch to reaper and do #4. Look for enemy tank train and avoid it's return, get back to tag. Consider dropping shroud at this point, depending how much life force you have left. #2. Remember that when 2 ends it does blind > chill > bleed on 5 targets. In addition, it converts 2 boons to conditions - Fury becomes blind, stab->fear, vigor->bleed, resistance->chilled, etc. #3 gives you stability and then hit it again to fear > chill > bleed another five nearby. The #5 is good but takes a long time to cast. At some point you might be out of shroud, pile up conditions on nearby enemies with chill shouts and get the heck out of there (save that stun break until you need it - it's not part of your chill > bleed routine anyway)! If you find you don't need so much stun breaking, drop Weaklings for Nothing Can Save You. When Jumped by a Thief: Drop Marks on yourself, when you know thief is near blow it up with shouts. This gets most thieves into a defensive situation, so either press them with Shroud attacks or run away. Sometimes it works. Good luck! All of this and nearly 30,000 HPs. What more can one ask? The cheap way to get Dire gear from trading post:'s_armor
  14. Starter Builds

    Are these builds still up-to-date?