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  1. Meanwhile on Piken ;)

    This is starting to become a new level of pettyness.. Is it that hard to keep things to ourselves? Like stop.
  2. Went to the dentist to get a checkup after having pain from last session. Dentist ended up surprising me with ''let's drill that hole today too''... Came out not being able to feel half of my face anymore. Great start of the day :1f629: (extremly scared of needles.. Had to hold the helpers hand... I almost squeezed it to death.. soembarrassing)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Ruby


      I've already switched dentist 3 times.. The one i have now is the best one so far (which says alot i guess :P

    3. Rosh
    4. Brio


      I still like how it sounded/became on TS, with "needles(s) to say, drill the hole and feel viel-oil-ated"
      I have a somewhat morbid humour, but let us bury it.
      (I have phobia for needles also, so I can relate)

  3. This marks the day that Ruby got her drivers license. Crazy asian woman coming thru! Watch out everyone ;):lol:

    1. Quget


      Gratz Ruby! :D You can now drive to Quaggan! Coo!

    2. Rosh


      Gratulations :)

    3. Ruby


      Thank you :lol:

  4. When you ask someone how they're doing and you get ''Gw2'' as a reply.. That's when you know they're addicted to the game. :huh:

    1. Dii
    2. Super Mini Tank

      Super Mini Tank

      I'm addicted to love ♪♫♬

  5. I hope people won't be babying the pve guys who's ''new'' to wvw. If they heck up, tell them nicely yes. Explain how to do things, tell them builds etcetc. Be nice at first ofc! But if they keep hecking up, if they don't care about how we do things and what wvw is like, please.. Don't baby them to make them understand. WvW is a team game mode. If they can't follow, listen and try to learn, then what's the point. 

    Blabbering. I just hope we won't bend our backs too much to people who refuse to try to work as a team, just because it's wvw, which, according to many PvE'ers and PvP'ers, is the most hecktiest game mode of Gw2. (Read that on facebook/forums etcetc)

    1. Ruby


      heck there heck here o_o :mellow:

  6. Be careful which music bot you guys steal on TS now.. It might be the one i got some control over and it just might be playing tons of Kpop :wub:

    1. Merle


      10/10 stealing this music bot

    2. Mask


      Omw home, must steal.

    3. Abb fireborn

      Abb fireborn

      i want that music bot ... 

  7. when you make the perfect character in BDO and you can't stop staring at her... :wub:

    1. Rosh


      pics or didn't happen.

    2. Ruby


      She's perfect. In my eyes atleast :wub:;)


  8. My game is on drugs.. Idk wtf happened :huh:


  9. I miss the good old days of none stop scouting and great communication between commanders and people. I miss the good old days of constant fun, hard work and the feeling of doing good for the server. Gosh, those were the days.