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  1. Official Piken Square server builds

    As of 4th of September, due to a multitude of changes in my schedules, I haven't got the time nor interest to play Guild Wars 2 actively anymore. Therefore I believe I will be unqualified to continue updating these builds, and shall stop moderating the thread. I would suggest going through the builds and theorycrafting new versions due to new foodbuffs. Feel free to kick me from the website now that I am no longer part of the community. I don't care/mind. If you have anything you wish to discuss, pms are the way to go. Pce out lads.
  2. Official Piken Square server builds

    Yes. Even better than before with all the burning you get from Firebrand.
  3. Official Piken Square server builds

    That's a good idea. Especially since expac is around the corner, we don't know of cele will still be a thing. You definitely should save for now, and see how things go.
  4. Official Piken Square server builds

    Substitute? No. You will be playing a worse build. Can it work? To some extent. As long as you do your job, you can be useful. But if people are fine with playing "okay" builds, you will always lose fights vs better servers and Piken will keep getting farmed.
  5. Official Piken Square server builds

    Regarding the 8th of August balance patch. Alright everyone, we will be doing things a little bit different this time. Since the build editor website hasn't been updated yet, I'm not going to change the builds yet. What I am going to do however, is give you a rundown on the major changes and the things you should look out for after this balance patch. Also I would strongly advice against spending large amounts of money right now, since the expansion is just around the corner and the whole metagame will be completely different after the expansion. Please save your gold for the expansion, so you can get competitive builds ASAP when the expansion hits, and we have done the required theorycrafting! Most of the changes in this balance patch were bugfixes or quality of life updates. The actual amount of changes that actually affect the metagame is rather low, despite the colossal amount of patch notes. Do not be discouraged by the wall of text. Here are the most important changes. The order is based on my impressions on how relevant these changes are to the metagame, starting from the most relevant. If a class hasn't been mentioned on the list, consider the balance patch largely irrelevant to the major metagame on that specific class! 1. Changes to foodbuffs and nourishments. Arenanet has decided to reduce the amount of flat boon/condition duration in the game. This means there are no longer foodbuffs that grant you a flat boon/condition duration increase. This change is massive, since most of the strong foodbuffs gave flat increase in boon/condi duration. Good examples are Gnashblade and Rare Veggie Pizzas. These foodbuffs or nourishments now provide you with concentration or expertise, however the new amounts do not match with the old ones. You now get less boon/condition duration overall. Also food consumables that provided stat conversion have had that bonus replaced with a flat amount of stats. This effects nourishments such as Furious Sharpening Stones, and reduces their overall effectiveness. These changes have nerfed pretty much every single metabuild in one way or another, and achieving previous stat benchmarks will now be impossible. 2. Light Aura Light Aura now reduces incoming Condition Damage by 10% in addition to granting retaliation when struck. This is massive, because the amount of light aura in the game has also been increased with this balance patch. Detonating Orbs of Light with guardian staff now gives your entire party Light Aura, reducing the overall condition effectiveness. Since condition builds have largely been the dominant builds in the current meta, namely condition necro/revenant, this will help counter those classes, promoting power based builds. Also the reduced condition duration from foodbuffs also hints at Arenanet trying to counter the condition meta without directly making those playstyles not enoyable to play. 3. Guardian With the reduced amount of boon duration, guardians must be more careful with their stability rotations. You still reach close to 90% boon duration with concentration sigil, Naturalistic resonance and the base boon duration from durability runes, but make sure to be extra careful with your stab. Staff received some major changes. Orbs now heal more and provide light aura when detonated. Spam this skill. Empower now provides pulsing healing, making regroups more effective. Staff 1 change isn't as major as most people think. You don't use staff as a range weapon. It's a midrange weapon, and usually if you can reach midrange, you can reach melee. And in that case you should already be on your melee weapon. So this nerf should not change the way guardians play with staff, nor does it make the weapon unviable. Nobody cares about line of warding, you still spam this thing in front of the enemy. Spirit weapons are still bad. Honorable staff now provides the boon duration regardless on what weapon you are using, so this is now a flat buff. This would in theory promote 2x concentration builds. 4. Warrior LUL LUL warrior mains LUL LUL only 1 stack of Adrenal Health from berserker LUL .... Don't play warrior anymore. 5. Necromancer Soul Eater now provides lifeforce and healing, and should be used if using Greatsword. Lich Form still bad. Signets need testing, but most likely end up being bad even after the rework. Vital persistence got murdered, however it's still the best trait out of all 3 Majors. Spectral Grasp is now insanely long distance pull. This can be used to punish overextending range, and is worth considering as a 3rd utility. 6. Gliding Irrelevant. But it exists. ---------- Now for some other notes, that aren't relevant to this balance patch but will become relevant in the future. As most of you probably are aware, Path of Fire is just around the corner. With 9 new elite specializations the meta will surely change drastically. Right now it seems like condition builds will take a major hit in the expansion, since there is going to be alot more cleanse with the new specs, much more resistance and -%condition duration modifiers from multiple sources. There is also going to be alot more boon hate, which is likely to change the metagame to more ranged focus, opposed to the current melee focused "ball" metagame. This is an important point to understand, because people often fear change and dislike sudden changes in the metagame. Be prepared. I might be mistaken, however I predict we will see the return of Staff Elementalists, Hammer revenants as dominant classes. I'm going to link my theorycrafting vod here if you are interested in the new elite specializations in WvW. This video mainly focuses on 15v15 GvG, however most of this information is also applicable to general WvW pugging and zerging. PoF WvW Theorycrafts by Freakshow ----------- So there we have it. If you have any questions or suggestions, send me a pm or write them down in the discussion thread. Thanks for your time. Freak out
  6. Official Piken Square server builds

    I will be going over the builds regarding the recent balance patch during this weekend. Expect updates tonight and on Saturday. If you have anything about the builds that you would like to bring up, please do so via pms or the discussion thread. Thank you.
  7. Official Piken Square server builds

    As of 27.6.2017 the serverbuilds have been updated. Changelog: Because people apparently are unable to read, I have changed the utilities on the Necro builds. This is by far the most stupid change I've had to make, but whatever floats your bloody boat. I've stated about a million times that you need to change your utilities according to your enemy and the spec that you are playing. Seriously this is beyond retarded, it's like guardians refusing to take Wall of Reflection vs heavy range, because "the build guide said to use retreat" or something equally spastic. Seriously l2p, the fact that I need to do this is a testament of how clueless certain people are. - Plaguelands is propably the most broken thing in the game right now, so the condition build has now been changed to use the updated elite. - Fixed typos and broken links in the thread. - Removed infusions on the amulets. - Fixed Scrapper build infusions. - Added thief build. - Added druid build. - Made the thread look more fancy in the true Freakshow style with loads of italic and bold. - Got tilted about idiots.
  8. Official Piken Square server builds

    If you wish to debate the builds, please make another thread for theorycrafting. However, there is a reason I pick those traits after playing engineer for 4 years, and GvG scrapper for entire HoT. EDIT: Just this once I'm going to answer to build related stuff here, since it's my main class we are talking about. 1. Tools and Inventions are pretty much equal value. Pick whichever you want. 2. Regular engi with nades does absolutely nothing versus bigger groups. If you want dps, you pick warrior or necro, not protectile based core engineer. 3. The only thing you get from mass momentum is around 100 power increase if you build tanky. The mightgain is absolutely worthless, since you gain might on elixrs and autoattack, and your boon duration will boost you to permanent 25 mightstacks. This is made even easier with PERMANENT quickness. 4. Problem with gyros is that Scrapper needs to be on melee range, and the gyros get cleaved down instantly. Bulwark gyro lasts about half a second if enemy warrior Arc dividers you and people close to you. The reflect is nice, yes, but do you value 5 seconds of small reflect over PERMANENT quickness? Rapid regeneration will keep you high hp no matter the situation. Also keep in mind that EliX U has reflect aswell! At least 50% of the time. The other 50% it's thief smokefield that blocks protectiles! 5. If you for some reason still want to play gyros, then yes, final salvo is the way to go. However when Scrappers need to position themselves close to tag to be able to babysit necromancers and revenants, your gyros will always be under pressure. Superspeed is nice, however in large scale fights it won't be as effective as in small scale. Keep in mind that the builds have been designed to be optimal in large scale combat. Hope this answers the design choices. Ultimately you still pick whatever you want, and Scrapper definetly is a class that many people have their own opinions on. If you want to talk about this further, please whisper me ingame or start another thread for theorycrafting.
  9. Official Piken Square server builds

    As of 1.6.2017 the serverbuilds have been updated. Changelog: - The build for Guardian has been updated and mace/shield version added. - The build for Revenant has been updated and condition variant has been added. - The build for Warrior has been updated. - The build for Necromancer has been updated and condition variant has been added. - The build for Elementalist has been added, both backline and frontline. - The build for Chronomancer has been added. - The build for Scrapper has been added.
  10. Official Piken Square server builds

    Update. I'll finish the thread once I'll get home. Trying to write guides on my phone while sitting in a bus is just meh
  11. Official Piken Square server builds

    This is actually good since Pain Absorption is now stunbreak. I'll change it right away.
  12. Official Piken Square server builds

    The builds posted are still optimal for large scale fights.
  13. Official Piken Square server builds

    Yes good point. Let's leave this thread for the approved builds. For build suggestions, please make a new thread so we can properly theorycraft without clouding the existing thread.
  14. Official Piken Square server builds

    So let me get this straight. You made 3 builds, and the only change you did stat wise was take away 35% crit dmg and 14% boon duration. What. Always. always, ALWAYS use virtues. Never take that traitline away. You lose your main condiclense outside Purging Flames and your secondary stab from Virtue of Courage. Also you throw away 20% recharge/duration on purging flames, which is one of the most important skills in the current metagame. Master of Concentrations becomes even better if you use Wall Of Reflection, which most guardians should be using anyway. Sigil of Strength is a waste on your weapons. You have enough might generation already. +200 power while your health is below 50%. Why? Do you aim to be low hp all the time? With all the sustain coming out from this metagame, you either are high hp, or you need to regroup. Having no stab or boons gets you killed in less than seconds, you will never have proper time to take advantage of that foodbuff. You have 150% crit dmg, yet for some reason you added superior sigil of force. Let's say you crit 3k on a mighty blow with this build. Sigil of Force adds 150 dmg. That's a waste of a sigil, seeing as there is tons of protection, % reduced damage, dwarf elite in this meta. With 150% crit dmg you will most likely crit even less than 3k. To me it seems like you are trying to make a different build for the sake of making something new. The problem is that Guardian is not that flexible class, and basic builds will always be more useful that special snoflake builds.
  15. Official Piken Square server builds

    No but you had 30% boon duration and with revenant you go up to 60%. So you are still missing loads. Or am I being retarded and not seeing what you are trying to say?