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  1. New hidden TAG

    Now we got hidden tag.. it's really nice. At least i thought that at first But then i see, no tags anymore. People log in, look for tag, log out. Just a tag to follow. Hidden tag is nice, ya, but i think for server it's bad.. Lovely for our community, but.. lack of players.. witch we already lack.. hehe? What do you think? Might be something to talk about next server meeting? Grim
  2. Hey guys we are Zombies Don't Like Fast Food [RUN]! We are recruiting new members into our merry band of brothers and sisters! [RUN] is a WvW focused PvX guild. We're a casual, but organized guild with a solid event schedule every week. We're always looking for members that would enjoy them self in our guild. What we are looking for: -Great attitude, easy to get along with -Willing to learn, make new friends -Any classes! We do multiple things in WvW, so there are many ways you can join in! If you are interested you can contact us in game grimleiv.9813 or skarssi.7019 or dione.2594